HAUL: HBC San San Holiday Collection Nail Polish

I am back will another haul; NAIL POLISH HAUL! Yeyyyyy!First, let me just say that I love HBC's tagline (is that how it's called? LOL!). Indeed, life is beautiful. Lately, I have been thinking about life and it's struggles. I thank God for struggles and trials. It made my life more beautiful and meaningful.

Anyways, let's now move on to my haul. I actually did not purchase a lot but I still want to share this with you because this is really in time with the season. I bought the San San Holiday Collection Nail Polish. See how lovely the colors are? These are limited edition according to the SA so I bought the three shades available. BTW, these are metallic shades and honestly, I prefer the regular ones but these are worth a try. :)


Purple Topaz, Velvety Garnet, Midnight Opal
Php 45 each


I also saw this Klik Magnetic Polish and so far, this is the cheapest magnetic polish I have seen. Sad to say, they only have one shade for this. 


Gold Chain
Php 30


My nails are really short right now and I am not planning on doing any nail art until they grow long again so the holiday nail polish from San San are my picks for this month. I will be showing you the swatches plus my nails with them on in the coming days.Tell me which holiday nail polish would you want me to use first and blog about because I really can't decide.

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God bless! ^_^




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Disclaimer: I wasn't paid to do this post. 


  1. ang cute ng nail polish!!! nanlaki mata ko.. I have weird addiction.. bumibili ako ng nails but I don't use them :) hahaha..

  2. Haha same tayo. Pero after some time, tinatapon or binibigay ko. Buy ka sis, ang gaganda nila. :)

  3. pag napadaaan ako.. hindi ko kasi nachecheck yang HBC.. pati nga sansan di ko pa natry kasi dyan nabibili yun diba? bet ko yung topaz at red.. yung opal nangingitim ako dyan galit sakin yang color na yan ee

  4. Midnight Opal is so pretty! :) I'd get mine too!

  5. Wow, I didn't know they had a holiday line! They all look so nice :) I'd definitely check them out.

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  6. Yey! I think my hands would look dark with Midnight Opal but the heck I care, I still want it. :)

  7. I bet your hands would look pretty if you use it. Try mo sis mag glitter gradient using silver glitters for new year nails. I can already imagine it on you!


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