New Year's Eve Nails: Dazzling Velvety Garnet

New Year's Eve is coming very near and who doesn't want a newly painted nails for that event? I posted recently my nails for Christmas (view here) and this one is the 2nd installment for my holiday nails.


I will be sporting a red nail polish. I used this San San Holiday Collection nail polish in Velvety Garnet. I think it has that spunk I am looking for and just perfect for New Year's Eve. 



Here's how the Velvety Garnet looks on my nails. It's bright and metallic. I love it as it is but I want to make it edgier; more dazzling.


So, I used these other polishes to enhance the beauty of my nail color. Made it more appropriate for the event.


Finally, the finished look of my nails. I hope I interpreted New Year very well. If not, well, I still love it. :-)

So that's it for my quick update on my nails. Enjoy the rest of the holidays. 

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God bless! ^_^




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  1. Awesome Nails. Try checking out mine :)

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  2. Thanks! Will check yours and will follow you as well! :)


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