REVIEW: FS Cosmetics Two-Way Cake in Orleans

More than 2 months ago, I posted a haul  featuring my first ever Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake Foundations in Orleans and Rajah (see haul here). I have been lemming for these for the longest time since most of the bloggers I know used this and they actually liked it. I didn't purchase right away because I find the old packaging cheap looking. When I saw that they changed the packaging na, I purchased immediately.


The first one I will be reviewing is the shade Orleans. When I swatched it at the FS counter, it matched my morena skintone perfectly, but now, it came out a tad darker. I can still get away with it. Next time, I will definitely purchase a lighter shade. Chino or organza, me thinks. 


You can see the direction for use and ingredients at the back of the box. For this shade, manufacturing date is written under the case of the product itself (no photo, sorry). For the other shade, no manufacturing date was written. 


Isn't this affordable enough for Php 399? Mind you, you get 15g of product. 


The new packaging is just so sleek and classy compared to the old one. 


Finally, no more flipping up and down just to use the mirror. I am glad they realized the need to place the mirror on the cover. More convenient, right?


The product itself is housed nicely. It is finely milled but a bit powdery for my liking. It goes everywhere with just one full swirl of powder or flat top brush.


Sorry for the dirty looking sponge, I have used it already prior to product shoot. The sponge is thick and sturdy enough that it applies the powder evenly on the face. For thicker coverage, I use this. For medium coverage, I use a brush.


A swatch for you to have an idea on how Orleans look. This shade is good for morena girls. I am not familiar with MAC shades but I have read that it is a good match for those with NC 42 skintone.


Here's a photo of my bare face (left) and after applying FS Two Way Cake in Orleans (right). I used a brush for this. I have some discolorations going on and as you can see, they were covered nicely although some are still visible. Since I did not use any foundation (liquid or cream) or bb cream as a base, it is normal to expect a medium coverage only. Layer it on to achieve thicker coverage. 

- Packaging wise, I am stunned. 

- Mirror and sponge that it came with are really helpful especially for touch ups.
- Powder is super fine that it glided smoothly on my face.
- May be used alone or it can also be used to set liquid or cream products.
- Lasting power and oil control is slightly above average. For a whole day (8-10 hours), I only retouched once. 
- No breakouts were experienced.
- Wide range of shade selection. - Silk, Satin, Duchess, Organza, Chino, Orleans, Rajah, Fantasia
- Available in leading department stores and Watsons outlets. 
- Affordable for a 15g product.

- The scent is just too strong for me. I am not a fan of powdery scent. My sister told me that it reminds her of chocolates, haha!

Where to purchase?
SM and Robinsons Department stores, Watsons

Php 399

Packaging/Apperance = 5/5
Effectiveness/Performance/Scent = 4/5
Availability = 5/5
Affordability = 4/5
OVERALL = 4.5/5

I now have two favorite compact powders, this and the 4U2 Lovelight BB Powder (see review here). I love them both but this gained a higher rating because of its packaging and shade selection.

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Disclaimer: Item bought by my own money and reviewed with an honest and unbiased viewpoint. I am not affiliated with the brand in any way. Effect is a case to case basis, what may work for me may not work for you and vice versa.


  1. Amazing does ithave a different shade or is it just the same? I can't figure it! Lol

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  2. It has 8 shades to choose from (light to dark). :)

  3. This was my HG foundation, I can't remember how much I re-purchased it before but on my nth compact, my skin reacted differently. Resulting to my worst break-out ever. :(

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

  4. Janna Joshelle ParelDecember 12, 2012 at 11:30 PM

    Ugh! I super like the new packaging. I got mine in the old packaging parin and super inconvenient ang placement ng mirror. LOL. I think I'll be getting this shade next (I currently have the Chino one) kasi I'm more tan now.

  5. This powder's a staple in my kit too though I'm not so much a fan of it being too powdery. Super makalat talaga yung powder kahit super light touch lang. Hehe! I don't think I've ever encountered the shade Fantasia..darker than Rajah ba un sis?

  6. I researched lang din sis. Darkest ata with a bit of shimmer. More like bronzer siguro. Everytime I visit FS counter kasi laging few shades lang ang meron. Super powdery talaga no? Madalas masisinghot mo sya when you use a brush.

  7. Ganda no? Reminds me of MAC's pala. I forgot to mention. Ayoko kasi yung flip ng flip para lang sa mirror. Ako naman I'be switching to Chino or Organza sa susunod. I want a lighter shade naman. :)

  8. That's sad to know. Reformulated kaya? I haven't tried the powder kasi nung nasa old packaging pa sya. Sana in the future hindi ako magkabreak outs. What's your powder na now?

  9. nice review sis! powder foundations are my ultimate favs. i just can't stand liquid foundations for some reason =/ i never used any FS product, pero this one looks nice. i love my compact in black kasi :) well, it looks classy kasi <3

  10. Thanks sis! I love mine in black as well. :)

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