REVIEW: James Cooper Jazzy Compact Cream Foundation in CF-02 Light Beige


Yey for a new review! Preparations for Christmas is really fun but tiring as well, leaving me with very minimal time to check my mails, Facebook and Twitter. I was so busy I forgot about the so-called "end of the world". Good thing I found time to do a review. 


I am more of a face makeup lover. Can you blame me? I think I have a severe case of dark circles and I also have some pimple marks all over my face. Finding a foundation that can make my skin look flawless is really essential. Have I found the one? Read further. 


Sorry for the dirty-looking box. I forgot to do product shoot before using it.

Today, I will be talking about James Cooper Jazzy Compact Cream Foundation in CF-02 Light Beige. This is the only cream foundation I have in my stash. I am slightly slowing down in purchasing products so I will be buying from other brands when I finish this one, hopefully. 


The product is placed inside a black box. There you can find the the details about the product except for its description. I couldn't even find it online because I don't think they have a website.





Product itself is housed inside a sleek black plastic small jar. Though its plastic, it does look classy. It is also compact and would fit nicely inside a makeup bag or traincase. You will also get 20g of product inside which, I think, is a lot for its price. 




I use a plastic spatula to get the product and prevent contamination.


Left: without flash
Right: with flash

At first, it looks like its a foundation with yellow undertone but it oxidizes after a few minutes. Good thing it only happens at the back of my hand. It does not oxidize on my face. 

Left: right after application
Right: after 10 minutes

How the product looks on me:

Left: with just moisturizer on
Rght: after applying Jazzy Compact Cream Foundation in CF-02 Light Beige

After setting it with translucent powder.

Under natural light

I was asked if this gives white cast when used in flash photography so here's an update. It does but it's very minimal. Actually, it depends if you are using a setting powder that has spf in it because this cream foundation don't have spf. In this photo, I used a translucent powder without spf. Photo was taken under room light. 

Left: without flash
Right: with flash

- Sleek packaging. Very classy plus very handy.

- No smell.

- Feels light on the face.

- Easy to blend.

- Gives medium to full coverage and can double up as a concealer.

- Creates a flawless finish.

- Lasting power is average but will do better if used with primer, good setting powder and setting spray.

- Photo friendly but be sure that you don't go overboard in the application. It will be very visible on photos.

- Available locally.
- Affordable.


- May look cakey if applied heavily.

- Reflects on flash photography but very minimal.

- Poor oil control. Had to blot and reapply powder at least 2 times per 8-hour wear of this.

- Poor shade selection (5 shades only)

- Unhygienic. Good thing I have a spatula at home.

- It transfers to clothes, handkerchief or tissue even with setting spray.


Where to purchase?
Deaprtment stores nationwide.

Php 550 per 20g 

 CF-01, CF-02, CF-03, CF-04, CF-05

Packaging/Apperance = 5/5
Effectiveness/Performance/Scent = 3/5
Availability = 5/5
Affordability = 4/5
OVERALL = 4.25/5

I like the coverage and the finish it gives but I dislike the fact that it is poor in controlling the oil. Nevertheless, I will still use this product because it is photo friendly and it makes my face look fresh and flawless. So I guess I haven't found the perfect one yet but this one is pretty good.

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Disclaimer: Item bought by my own money and reviewed with an honest and unbiased viewpoint. I am not affiliated with the brand in any way. Effect is a case to case basis, what may work for me may not work for you and vice versa.


  1. sis hindi ba maputi yung mukha pag nagflash yung picture? I wanted to test this out dati kaso yucky yung tester nila sa hihih :)

  2. I love the finish of cream foundations as well. They tend to make the face look super smooth, esp on photos :D But yeah, I don't like that I get really oily at the end of the day whenever I use a cream foundation. My skin is already oily to start with. Haven't tried this one yet but i've heard lots of good things about it!

  3. So far, I haven't experienced that. I will use it again today and I will update this post tonight for you to see, ayt? I forgot to take some shots with flash e. I agree that testers are not so pleasing to test out. I don't usually test out products before buying them. Haha!

  4. Ikr! What setting powder do you use? I have a combi type of skin and I hate it when my nose and forehead become shiny after just few hours.

  5. ganda ng finish, flawless talga. sadly, nagtatransfer lng cya..=(


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