Buh-bye Braces, Hello Retainers!

Hello lovelies! I am back with another short post. This time, I will be sharing with you an update about my teeth. If you know me really well or have seen my photos before, you would know that I have been wearing braces since 2011 (my 2nd time to wear braces, actually). Just this morning, I had them removed! Hoooray!

I have worn braces when I was in highschool since I had a very ugly set of teeth back then. It went pretty nice. I had an awesome set of newly arranged teeth after my dentist (back then) removed it. But due to impatience and me being uncooperative, I broke my retainers and my teeth went ugly again. Last May 2011, I consulted another dentist and asked them to align my teeth once more. I know it's going to be hard again having braces on but I know it's for the better especially now that I am blogging about makeup and beauty products.

Here are some of my photos wearing braces (since May 2011). 


I have been used to braces already so removing it and living without it is kind of unusual for me. Honestly, I was more confident when I had them on. So below is a photo of me after the removal.

So, can I now smile with my lips open and showcasing my teeth? I don't really know. What do you think?

I normally smile not showing my teeth and I think that suits me best. 


Before I end this post, let me show you my most hated part in aligning the teeth - RETAINERS! I hate this but I have no choice. If I want my teeth to look nice, I should make some sacrifices and that includes wearing these for 2 years or more. I will update you regarding my teeth, soon.



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God bless! ^_^





  1. Jan Mitchelle PanuelaJanuary 25, 2013 at 10:12 AM

    Idk but I adore girls with braces.. and isa pa.. noon ko pa gusto mgka braces kahit medyo okay nmn teeth ko.. pa-pa braces din sana ako kaso medyo mahal. hihi.

  2. If you have nice set of teeth to begin with, wag ka na pa-braces. It is such a pain once you have it on. Pero I must say, I liked my look when I have them on pa. :)

  3. wee! your done na! I can't wait na matanggal yung braces ko at ang laki ng naimprove sayo. how long would you wear the retainers? sabi lifetime daw yun, is it true?

  4. Second time ko na nga to e. Tamad kasi ako magretainers. Minimum of 2 years daw tapos pag ok na, every night nalang. :)

  5. I'll have mine remove probably by may or June :)


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