HAIR UPDATE: New Color plus Highlights for New Year

Just weeks ago, I had my hair colored. Find out more about that here. But I wanted to do more changes since it's the start of a new year so I had my hair colored again and added some highlights as well.

Last December 31, I decided to use Matrix Wonderlight in Mocha to my entire hair after bleaching few strands. 


I think I should share with you first my look before the procedure. Haha, a stolen shot showing how skeptical I was before doing all of these.


After the procedure, here's how my new color looks. And I know you'll say that nothing new is obvious. But wait till you see the photos below. 

Now here are the highlights. Do you think it suits me?

I also wanna tell you that I did not apply any makeup last NYE, hence, no post about it.


Morning of January 1, 2013, boyfriend picked me up and we both went to the mall to watch a movie. Yes, we don't have a car and we walked then rode a jeepney. I find that really fun!

Sorry for the BIG forehead.

Here another photo showcasing my hair. It orange-ish now. 


He wants to show off his look too. Haha, as if something's new, eh?

I can't say I am happy with my hair color. I love the highlights but the Mocha color, hmm, I still have to deal with it for few more days. 

We watched a movie then had massage together with my family. It was a perfect day. I am just so happy because I was able to spend it with my boyfriend and family. Thank God for that.

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God bless! ^_^



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  1. bakit nag light yung buhok mo? ganun ba talaga yun pag nag wawash? pati color nawawashout?

  2. Hi. Photos were taken under different lightings. Normally, after few months bago magfade ang color ng hair ko. :)

  3. I like your hair color on the 5th photo. It suits you.
    And oh I followed you. I hope you ca check my blog and follow back, too.

    XX, Jenniya

  4. Agree with Jenniya. The hair color on the 5th photo suits you best :-)

  5. I'm itching for a hair update also! I'd probably dye my hair again this month. <3


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