HAUL: Christmas 2012 Gifts From Family and Boyfriend

I had an awesome December 2012. I had more quality time with my family. I am just blessed to have them


I also received super useful stuff from my family and boyfriend last Christmas. I will make this post not to brag but to merely appreciate more blessings. 

Gorgeous jewelries and some stickers for me to get the Starbucks planner from my dad. Green, by the way, is my favorite color. 


Mama gave me this Samsung Galaxy Camera weeks before Christmas but I know that it's her Christmas gift to me. I love this camera. It's awesome!


My sister gave me a book-shaped organizer and a bag hook with my name on it. 


Some Neutrogena loot from my brother and sister-in-law.


And here are the gifts I received from my boyfriend.


The first thing I got is the Vans sneakers in blue. I super love this. 


Black collapsible flip flops because my feet easily get tired.


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Darling Cherrie. I thought this won't show up on my lips, but now, it's my favorite.

Darling Cherie


Another brow gel from Jazzy Collections. 


Last but not the least is this cute necklace with stars on it. 



We decided not to surprise anyone anymore and just ask what gift he/she likes to get so that no money will be put to waste. I like surprises but I love getting stuff that I know I will be using. 


What did you get last Christmas? I wanna know. Comment below. 

God bless everyone! ^_^

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God bless! ^_^





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  1. Where did you got the black shoes? gusto ko nun... para parehas ulit tayo hihihi... naghahanap ako ng ganyan eh hassle kasi pag gusto ko mag heels.. woooott! Review on samsung galaxy phone! and I'm curious with the book as an organizer. :) Dami kung tanung hahaha sorry T_T

  2. BeautyRedefined By PangJanuary 6, 2013 at 2:43 PM

    ooo I heard great things about the Samsung camera. You got lots of nice things for xmas.

  3. Katrina Rebecca GuzonJanuary 6, 2013 at 3:55 PM

    You got really nice gifts for christmas :) the collapsible flipflops sounds interesting! I am sure it will be something jn handy when you wear heels all day.

  4. yup mas gusto ko ung tinatanong na lang para gusto ko tlga mabibigay :) d naman nila alam un sa makeup e!
    san nabili un collapsible slippers?

  5. Green is my favorite color, too! Haven't heard of the collapsible flipflops before, but I think I need it. :p Love all the presents that you got. :)



  6. wow! Nice stuffs ha. I love all the gifts you received. You had an awesome 2012 indeed.

    XX, Jenniya

  7. awesome gifts!


  8. Res-toe-run. Buy ka din. :) Gadget review? Parang di ko pa keri e. Hindi ako techie. LOL! The Book-shaped organizer is just a box shaped like a book. :)

  9. Thanks! It is really a worth having gadget.

  10. Thanks! I've always wanted to have a pair of take away shoes. This one's a keeper.

  11. how much? :) hehe sayang.. cge :) ah box shaped lang pero cute sya lagyan ng anik anik :)


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