Am I late for Ombré ?

Few weeks ago, I gave in and tried Ombré style for my hair. It was nice. I liked the result. But after washing it 2-3 times, my hair could be mistaken as a copper wire. The color faded, which, BTW, always happen to me.

Here are some photos after my hair coloring treatment. It looked a lot better with curled hair.




Without flash, the ombré looked perfect. Nice gradient. 


With flash, it looked like I have a really red hair. 


I had my hair colored again to Light Golden Brown because red coppery colored hair does not look good on me. No more ombré, right? 

Two weeks after all the things I have done to my hair, here comes ombré haunting me again. It is showing up on my hair but this time, it's very minimal, like on the side areas only and it does not look reddish anymore. 


So I guess I'll be sporting this for a longer time. Not until I have my hair cut again. 


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God bless! ^_^




  1. Me I have my hair colored before but since I haven't had a hair cut for a year yung color bumaba na so it looks like I have an ombre hahaha :)


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