NOTD: Polka Plum

Last Thursday, I went out, together with my family and friends, to celebrate dad's birthday. I wanted to do something different with my nails. While thinking on what to do, I realized that I recently bought a dotting tool and with that, I can create a polka dot design for my nails.


For my base color, I used Sassy's Golden Plum. I love how a plum shade makes my hands look really clean and fairer. 


If you are looking for a cheap frosted plum nail polish, I would recommend this. It has a decent brush and lasting power is almost the same as the other brands. Of course, a nice base and top coat is a must.


I used my recently purchased dotting tool to apply the white, silver and black polka dots. I got this for 69.95 pesos and for a beginner like me, I think this one is a good find already.


The outcome looked a bit messy but I love the fact that I did both hands and it looked decent enough. I hope to find a book about nail art and improve myself a bit more.


I will also post my FOTD and OOTD of that same day. Please wait for that.


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God bless! ^_^






  1. Yes. I think it has something to do with the gold flecks. :)

  2. Love love the plum shade and the matching nail art! :) Grabe never ko magagawa nail art by myself so I can never post a NOTD na ganito ka-ganda and artsy!:)

  3. Naku, hanggang ombre, zebra and polka dots lang ako. But still, thanks for appreciating it. :)


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