Post Valentine's NOTD

No Valentine's date for me. Guess I am doomed, huh? 


I came up with this nail art because I thought I'll be going out for a post-Valentine date but I did not. So, just so this will not be put to waste, might as well share it here on my blog.


I used again the Perfectly Pink nail polish from San San. I applied 3 coats to because it is quite sheer.


Then, I mixed Perfectly Pink and Red Gleam and using a sponge, I dabbed it on my nails 2/3 downward. 


Here's the effect. You can actually end here but since I am "maarte", I added more details. 


Using Red Gleam again, dab it on the lower third of the nails. Sorry for the blurry photo.


It should look like this. (don't worry about the mess)


Top it with glittered nail polish and put on the heart nail arts (thanks Eyah for the nail art wheel). Clean the edges with a q-tip soaked with nail polish remover.


Products Used:



Come on, forgive me for additional photos. I am just in love with my nails now. Bleh! ^_^



Make everyday a Valentine's day and spread the love!


Want to have your own nail art wheel with lots of cute designs? Check out Kikay Online Store. I think this is where Eyah got her nail art materials. 


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God bless! ^_^






  1. ang galing! ganda! love the results and the effect! super lovely!^_~

  2. Ngayon ko lang nakita to :) ang cute.. yes thats the store where I got it :) ganda ng effect ah <3


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