REVIEW: Glam Works Nose Pore Strips

Who hates nasty blackheads sitting on your nose? It's ANNOYING!

Last Sunday, le bf finally gave in and decided to let me remove his blackheads. Of course, I need to document this. For his first time, I will be using the Glam Works Nore Pore Stripes in Green Tea. 

(Sorry for the low quality photos. I had a hard time with the lighting.)


I always love products that has clear directions on the packaging. Not that I am dumb or anything but I just love that they make sure that the product will be used properly. 


For some, products make in China isn't their cup of tea. I sometimes think that way too but I felt different with this one. 


Every strip is housed inside a foil-like wrapper ensuring that the product isn't contaminated or whatsoever. 



Haha, boyfriends strip is placed upside down. LOL! Anyways, we enjoyed using the strips. Finally, he allowed me to use one on him and surprisingly, he was happy about it.


After 15 minutes, we took off the strips from our nose. Here's how it looked like after I took it off from him. See the blackheads? Sorry that I had to post the photo below. I know it's disgusting but I want to let you guys see how effective this product is.


Here's a before and after photo of my boyfriend's nose. As you can see in the after photo, his nose became cleaner looking and with lesser bumps (from blackheads and whiteheads). Also, he felt that his nose became a lot smoother and soft to touch. At first he felt a bit of itchiness but it only lasted for few seconds. I think it has something to do with the adhesive they used. But still, the itchiness is tolerable.


- Packaging is really hygienic. 

- Removed blackheads and whiteheads in 15 minutes. 

- Smoothens texture of the skin.

- Has some antibacterial properties.

- Really affordable.

- Available locally.


- Made in China (not really a con but for some, it is)

- Not suitable for those who have allergies with adhesives or to those with sensitive skin type.

Php 99 per box (12 strips)


Where to purchase?

Packaging/Appearance: 5/5
Effectiveness/Performance: 4/5
Availability: 5/5
Affordability: 5/5
OVERALL: 4.75/5

Have you tried a nose pore strip before? What brand and how wast it? Comment below. :)

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God bless! ^_^






  1. Wow, it really works, eh? I used Megan's. Similar lang sila dalawa. Sarap ng feeling after tanggalin. Haha. I also tried iwhite but hindi siya effective for me :( Megan & glam are recommended for everyone. But it's kinda pricey here in zamboanga than watsons ;)

  2. I tried using this recently but not the green tea one. I'm still not used to it. I always use iWhite Nose Pack.

  3. I've been wanting to try this one! Buti na lang you did a review. Try also Bench nose strips. They also do a good job. I think they're nearly P22 each. :)

  4. wow great review! will buy this na next week ♥


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