Discount Frenzy: Multiply x Kering Keri Store

Hi friends! My sponsor, Kering Keri store together with will hold a discount frenzy tomorrow, March 4, 2013 at around 9AM - 5PM only (Philippines time). I am not 100% sure if I am allowed to include the code here so I guess we all have to wait till the frenzy itself starts and the code is announced by Multiply on their Facebook page

In this discount frenzy, you'll get the chance to avail of 15% discount with minimum purchase of Php500 within the time allotted. All items are included. What you can do now is load up your carts and once the discount is given, activate it on your checkout. You should see changes in your total showing how much the discounted total is. 

Here's Kering Keri's Multiply page. They sell a lot of makeup, organizers and accessories. Shop now, gorgeous ladies!

God bless!