FOOD CORNER: Buttered Brocolli with Garlic

Some of my photos for a product review are still in the laptop that got busted few days ago that's why I am doing another food post here.

Last Sunday, I tried to measure my waistline and I was shocked to find out that I have a 33-inch waistline. I was used to having 26-inch waistline and now it is 33?! What have I done?

Then, there were realizations. Yeah, I am fat. So what? It's not like it's the end of the world or something. I can still do something about it.


Finally, I am starting my healthy eating measures to prevent further bulging of my tummy area. And one food I am totally liking is this Buttered Brocolli with Garlic. You guys should try this. I never get tired of eating this. I must say, it's an all-time favorite.

This is the start, I am praying. Soon, I also want to include regular exercise to my daily routine. I just need to find time and be motivated. I can do this. 

Can you suggest other healthy recipes I can try? I would love to learn them and apply it on my diet. 

God bless!




  1. Chamba cook ako Eyah. Basically, garlic, brocolli, butter, black pepper and salt. Saute lang. Season according to your preference. Pwede din olive oil instead of butter para mas healthy. :)

  2. wow! I think sarap nyan pag me shrimp :)) I'll try nga next week :)


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