HAUL: Cheap Brushes and Items From Sample Room

Last week, le bf and I went to Trinoma to watch a movie. I didn't let the day pass without me paying Landmark a visit. I have been lemming to own Artist Studio brushes and since it's very rare that I go to that place, I might as well get every brush I want. Of course, I tried to focus on what I want and need at the same time. 


I'll go through them one by one just to show you how they look like. In depth review with photos in different angles will be posted, soon. I will name them depending on how I think I can use them. 


1. Medium-sized powder brush. | Php 99.75 (MY FAVORITE)

Instead of getting the large one, I opted for this because I find the larger one flimsy and I think this is just right for the size of my face. Lesser product wastage is expected. I can also use this to apply blush. 


2. Angled contour/blush brush | Php 79.75

My Beauty Cosmetics angled blush brush is about to resign as I have seen some shedding already. This would be a nice replacement. 


3. Dome-shaped blending brush | Php 59.75

I just love collecting blending brushes. I think I can use this to blend my eye shadow, to apply setting powder on my under eye area or use it to contour my nose line. 


4. Angled liner/brow brush | Php 49.75

Because I can't live without a brush like this, buying another one won't hurt especially if it's really cheap. 


5. Eye liner brush | Php 39.75

Lately, I have been practicing lining my eyes. This is really thin and I think it will make my eye liner look really natural.


6. Angle contour brush | Php 49.75

Among all the Artist Studio brushes I purchased, this has a different ferrule. Also, the bristles were scratchy. When I tried the display, it was really soft. So I told the SA that I want one.Sadly, the one that was given to me isn't soft. My bad because I did not try it out before getting it. Lesson learned, even if the brand is known to have really soft brushes, test out the ones you're going to buy (*face palm*).

After purchasing these brushes, I couldn't help myself but smile. Really soft brushes at very cheap prices? STEAL! ^_^



I also received my items from Sample Room. This is my 7th package from them. Oh, how I love SR! :) (Sorry for the crappy photo. I used my phone's camera in taking this.)

Céleteque Advanced Anti Aging (Anti Wrinkle Ultra Hydrating Cleansing Oil)Pevonia Botanica Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
Céleteque Make-up Remover Cleansing Wipe

I am really excited to test out these products. I actually have a lot to try out. I think I should go on a SHOPPING BAN for at least a month. What do you think?

God bless!


  1. This is a nice collection sis..Haven't heard this brand before..Do you think they have a website?I like that they're cheap and as you said, they're so soft which means the price didn't compromise the quality :) I just received my first package from SR so yey for them!hehe..

    Cj from www.pinayontheloose.com

  2. I am not really sure if they do have a website. Sa Landmark ko lang din kasi nakikita. I have yet to test the quality after it's first wash.

  3. I bought the flat top and its my favorite :) ang galing ng performance ng art studio. :)

  4. I was thinking of getting that pero di ko naman kailangan pa. Pero super soft no?

  5. yep,, yung pagkadense nya ok naman .. but the quality is more than enough sa price nya :)


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