My 2013 Wishlist

Hi everyone! Since I am not feeling well, but I still want to update this blog, I might as well show you the items that I am praying to own. Budget wise, I don't think I can purchase these babies anytime soon but I really want to have them. 

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

I heard this is good so I want to try it.


Virginia Olsen Makeup Brushes

I own a blending brush from the same brand and I super love it. It's soft and does not shed at all. 


Hot Rollers (any brand will do)

Long, curled hair is what I want to achieve. I find it so sexy!


Nikon D5100

I just uploaded my very first Youtube video and I am not satisfied with the quality. Removed my video. Will re-upload, soon. If ever I'll continue making videos, I want to own a camera that will produce better videos.


A Nice Makeup Spot in our House

Need I say more? It's so pretty!



So, that's it for my 2013 wishlist. If ever I get to own even just one from this list, I'll definitely be happier. ^_^


Do you have your own wishlist for this year? Share them below.


God bless!




  1. I didn't know Virginia Olsen has brushes. Good to know! :)
    Nice wishlist.. I also want that dresser.

  2. I want to have the hot roller tooo!! as in :))

  3. Diba? Ganda kasi nung mga nakikita kong effects sa hair ng iba. :)


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