NOTD: Classic French Tips with Flowers

Yesterday, I got really bored so I decided to do my nails. I want to achieve clean looking nails with a slight hint of femininity to it. So, there's no other better design but French Tip and I added some flower fimo to give that girly feel. 


All products used, except the fimo, are from Caronia. 


Since I know most of you know how to do this nail design, I will just share some more photos of my nails. I hope you find these lovely although I wasn't able to clean up the mess before taking these photos. BTW, just so you know, I used the tape method for faster application of the White Satin. This method is best for those who have unsteady hands like I do.



God bless!




  1. Cute! Naalala ko vanilla cake na may decoration na flowers sa birthday parties dito sa nail art mo. Hehe. Yung mga rectangle! :P

  2. Very cute! I really envy you guys that's so good in terms of nail artsTamad ko kasi pag ganito. Hehe.

  3. Thanks! I am also a newbie. Just learning, as well. :)


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