REVIEW: iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream

Were you following me on Instagram? Feeling celebrity lang 'no? But seriously, if you've been following me in the past weeks, you would probably know that I've used an expired moisturizer. Yes, my Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel did expire on me. My bad, because I didn't actually looked at the date before buying it. I was really upset when I found out about it but bloggers are really helpful because, as I was reading some blog posts from my blogger-friends, Aya and Genzel, I saw this moisturizer they are currently loving. I immediately told myself that it looked very similar to my previous moisturizer so I might as well give it a try.


The product I am talking about is the Aqua Moisturizing Cream from iWhite Korea. This is my current day and night moisturizer and I loving every bit of it. It has been a staple in my skin care routine. I bought this at a department store near my place.



So, what it this brand called iWhite and what's the hype all about?

iWhite is a whitening skin care product formulated in Korea. It specializes not only in lightening the skin tone, but also in improving the overall texture of the skin through its moisturizing and rejuvenating natural plant extracts refined through Bio-Nanotechnology.

iWhite has several products targeting all skincare needs; like moisturizing facial wash, skin-clearing facial mask, dirt-removing nose pack, revitalizing and soothing moisturizer, facial cream with sunscreen, and whitening body soap which are all available in the Philippines at an affordable price. (source)



Things I would like to highlight:
- lightening the skin tone

- improving overall texture

- moisturizing

- rejuvenating

- natural plant extracts

- available in the Philippines

- affordable


Sounds interesting, right? Everything a Filipina, like me, would like to have in my skin care product.



Product description, Directions, Ingredients, Manufacturing and Expiry dates, and Place where it is made



Packaging (sealed squeeze-type tube)


Before giving my thoughts, let me show you first how this product works. This is where the magic happens. =)


Product on the back of my hand


Blended halfway (looked creamy at first)


Still blending (see the tiny droplets of water forming?)


Fully blended on my skin (my skin looked so hydrated and radiant)

What I like:
- Simple but very convenient and hygienic packaging. The seal sealed the deal. :)
- Complete details at the back of the packaging.

- I love the scent. Fresh and clean scent!
- A pea-size is enough to hydrate my entire face and another for my neck.
- The transformation makes the application really fun, haha!
- REALLY MOISTURIZING! No more dry patches on my cheeks. 
- Water based. No more greasy feeling and oiliness all over. 
- Didn't cause my skin to break out.
- Locally available.

What I don't like:
- None

Where to purchase?
Check Watsons or your local drugstrore, supermarket or department stores. Check iWhite Korea's facebook page for more information.

Php 169 (50g)
Php 20 (6g sachet)

Packaging/Appearance: 4/5
Scent: 5/5
Texture: 5/5

Effectiveness/Performance: 5/5
Availability: 5/5
Affordability: 5/5
OVERALL: 4.8/5

Overall, I am impressed with how the product fared me. If I were to choose between this and the Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel, I will definitely choose this, the Aqua Moisturizing Cream. Imagine having a very effective moisturizer that does not hurt our pocket. Amazing, I must say! Now, I can't wait to try out their other products.

What's your current moisturizer? Share it below. =)
God bless!



  1. Korean Cosmetics are great <3

  2. Glad you like this one too! :)

  3. Just bought a sachet of this last week! Indeed, maganda nga sya :) plus it's affordable. very nice review! :)

    -Dita Peron

  4. I've never tried this one before. But really, I'm not into moisturizers because it feels icky! But after reading your review I might try this one out. Packaging and logo looks similar to Skin White though. :)

  5. I've tried some and I find them really nice. :)

  6. Will you be purchasing the big one? Let me know. :)

  7. Thanks! I'm pretty sure, you'll like this, too. It's not sticky at all. I agree with the logo being a tad similar to Skin White's. :)

  8. What's your skin type sis? I have normal to dry kase (usually dry during this time of the year - and I mean REAAALLLY DRYY), is it good for those with dry skin types? Kase I have the Celeteque Hydrating moisturizer & it's also water-based, but it's not hydrating enough. I used my St. Ives, but it made me look like a greese ball, ok lang kung I'm not going anywhere, e kahit na me makeup ang kintab paren ng muka ko e -_____-

  9. I've always loved Korean beauty products because Koreans have always been known for having good skin.. Thank you for sharing this! I'm so excited to try and see for myself!

  10. I love this tooo.. Can't believe its almost water :)

  11. Hi sis. Combination. I reallyhave oily T-zone pero super dry ng cheek area ko. I use this morning and night tapos pag sa bahay lang, mid ng day naglalagay ulit ko.Nabawasan naman dry patches ko sa cheeks. Suggest ko, try mo muna yung sa sachet.

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