REVIEW: Snoe Under Armed Forces Micro-Refining Peel Solution and Whitening Cream

I can vividly remember the days when I used to shave my pits to get rid of unwanted hair. Yes, I was successful at that but not with maintaining its fairness. Somehow, my UA darkened a bit. I have tried some whitening solutions and soaps, some worked for over a time and some did not. It's really hard to find a match since our armpits are very sensitive. Reaction may vary from person to person. Gladly, I found this line from Snoe which is the Under Armed Forces and so far, it is helping me regain my confidence. 


I bought two items from this line: Micro-Refining Peel Solution and Whitening Cream. I have yet to try the deo spray. 


Snoe’s Under Armed Forces will fight the war against dark armpits
Throw your hands up in the air and wave em like you just don’t care! Snoe’s Under Armed Forces will help you feel free to wear sleeveless tops, wrap your arms around your boyfriend’s neck with confidence or raise up your hands on a roller coaster ride! Feel free to move with the music with your arms raised up because Under Armed Forces will repair damaged skin, whiten and make it even toned. Infused with Mistletoe extract to inhibit underarm hair growth, melanin and minimize chicken skin for perfectly white underarms that deserve a salute! (source)



This is the Micro-Refining Peel Solution and this is actually a personal favorite. It smells really good; like a perfume, I must say. Comparing it to a peeling solution I have tried before, this one's really gentle on the skin. When I purchased this, I asked the SA if this will make my armpits red and itchy. She told me that it will not happen as this is very mild. True enough, it's just like putting water. I did not feel any irritations or whatsoever. The peeling is very fine you can't even tell it has gone peeling your armpits. I only noticed mine when I tried looking in front of the mirror seeing some areas that became lighter. Before you know it, your armpits are completely lighter and softer. 



The only thing I got bothered with is the application process for this. It can get a little messy when you don't have a good control on this. If you use a cotton ball/pad, some products will be put to waste since the cotton will definitely absorb it. What I do is a place few drops on my fingers then immediately apply it on my dry armpits making sure it is evenly distributed. 



This one is the Whitening Cream and it has the same scent as the peeling solution. (I wonder if the deo spray has the same scent. I think I should check that one out. PRONTO! ^_^) I have this love and hate relationship with this one. It has helped the peeling solution in lightening my UA but it felt a little greasy especially on sunny days. To minimize that, I use a tiny small amount enough to cover my entire UA. 





Here's how my UA looks now. You can still see the unevenness on some areas and I am sorry because you can see some hairs already. (*embarrassed*) So far, Snoe's Under Armed Forces peeling solution and whitening cream made it lighter.

So let me review these items as one since I used them for common purposes, to lighten and smoothen my UA.

What I like:
- Simple yet eye catching packaging.

- The scent is just AWESOME! 
- Surprisingly, these two are mild enough for my UA.
- The peeling happened few days after using the solution. I find that quick. No pain or itchiness at all.

- The whitening cream really helped in evening out my UA's tone. It lightened it a bit but not as light as those UA of celebrities and models.
- Available locally.

What I don't like:
- The whitening cream felt greasy especially if you're sweating a lot.
- The peeling solution is too thin and the application can get messy. I think a dropper is a better solution or improvement on the packaging of the peeling solution.
- Lightening effect takes time. So far, so good. But I want more. LOL!
- Did not inhibit the growth of my UA hair. 
- A bit expensive.

Where to purchase?
Snoe Shopinas / At any Snoe outlets nationwide. Inquire here for branches near you.

Micro-Refining Peel Solution - Php699

Whitening Cream - Php499

Packaging/Appearance: 4/5

Scent: 5/5
Effectiveness: 4/5
Texture: 3.5/5
Availability: 5/5
Affordability: 3/5
Overall, I love this product. Though there are some points that I don't like, I still find this product awesome. Hopefully, with continued use, I will get my desired effect. I just  hope I can save up more money to buy me a new set (with the deo spray). 

If you think you have tried everything and none of those worked for you, try this one. This is a good product to try especially if you have really sensitive skin. If you also like a good smelling product for your UA, this is a perfect choice.


God bless!




  1. Nice review Mich! Been waiting for this lol! I have a dark UA talaga but not so dark. And I don't do anything to make it whiter haha! Kaya nahihiya ako magsuot ng sleeveless when going outside lalo na sa malls or kung san man, sa bahay lang ako matapang!
    Un nga lang pricey siya ano? But I think its worth the money naman, sana may sample muna sila so some of us can try before we buy the whole product eh~! XD
    At ang puti nga ng UA mo! Inggit much ako. Nakuha ko rin kasi nung nagbuntis ako, talagang iitim mga singit singitan, hihihi.

  2. I used cotton pads for this sis. Tama ka naubos, the Deo Spray smells like the peeling solution. Naging baby skin UA ko. :)

    Excited to review this kaya lang gusto ko complete set sa second buy :)

  3. im using yoko underarm cream and milcu powder for my underarm and they work great =) i dont have the gut to post my armpit *lol*

  4. Thanks for this post sis! Will have to try this haha! My underarms got darker when I had Z kaya dyahe mag sleeveless minsan. Lol! This looks promising. :)

    Mish @

  5. wagas ang mahal pero sheet seeing the real picture nakakaconvince ito sis!!! bet ko tong review na to!! I will buy it because of this one!! :D

  6. I might try this one soon! Ang puti ng kilikili mo! Haha sana maging ganyan din yung sakin!

  7. thanks for the review! I've been looking for something like this that is within the budget! great review! ^_~

  8. Ahh. So, I still need to buy the deo spray? Or do you think it is okay if I just use my regular deo? Thanks

  9. Sayang no? Ang mahal pa naman. I am so getting the Deo Spray once nadaan ako sa Snoe.

  10. I just hope it stays that way forever. Kasi pag hindi, itatago ko na forever yung armpits ko.

  11. Kahiya lang i-post ang before photo sis e pero nag lighten talaga. Sana lang forever na. :)

  12. Naalala ko na naman yung text mo kanina. Natatawa pa rin ako. Naku dapat talaga forever na maputi.

  13. Thanks! Glad to be of help, Janet. I hope to see positive results on your UA. ^_^

  14. Ako kasi I stopped using any deo. Sabi nung SA, pwede naman yung old deo ko pero dapat daw dry na yung UA before gumamit. Pero I am planning on getting their deo spray kasi mabango talaga. :)

  15. Do they have mall branches?

  16. Hi. Post is now updated. Check the 'where to purchase' section. :)

  17. tnx for the review...I'll buy this one once nah lumabas nah c baby q..I really had this dark underarm since nagpreggy aq..will buy this soon pg pwd nah...hope it will be effective din for me..

  18. You're welcome. Congratulations on your new baby! :)

  19. I just recently bought this product cos I was really convinced by your review. :) My UA has been my long time problem, so I'm really eager to try products that can whiten it. I just want to ask gano katagal before mo nakita yung result? today's my fourth day, and to be honest, nagwoworry ako kasi napansin ko parang nagdarken yung UA ko. I'm hoping it's not because of the sol'n or the cream. I'd be really sad (hindi naman depress) if hindi ako hiyang kasi the products are pricey. But I agree, super bango nila. :)

  20. DesperatewithmyuaJune 18, 2013 at 2:36 AM

    Hi, how long did you use the products and see the difference?

  21. Hi! For the the peeling solution, effects were visible after a week. As for the cream, it took quite a while. I used this two products for almost two months then I stopped. I would suggest getting the deo spray as well because when I used my old deo, my UA darkened a tad bit again. I think I need to use this again.

  22. Sa akin, in a week may effect na yung peeling solution. Mas nakita ko yung effect nun kesa dun sa cream. I think you need to wait until the second week para sa peeling solution to take effect talaga. Pero kung di mo hiyang, ang bigat nga nun since mahal talaga. I will try, hopefully next month, to do a review again.I will include the deo spray.

  23. Do you use the peeling solution first, let it dry then apply the whitening cream and then your deo? :)

  24. Waaa bat now ko lang nabasa to! I would love to try this din. I don't have dark UA pero gusto ko siya maging pantay na pantay sa arms. Project ko tong bilhin next month! XD Thanks for the great review sis! <3

  25. Wow, thanks sis! Sana effective din sayo. :)

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