SUMMER 2013 NOTD SERIES: Sun (Bobbie Piña Colada)

Yehey! I am so happy to be on time again with my Summer NOTD for this week. I got out of the bed really early today albeit still lazy to do so much things. Well, at least I was able to paint my nails, take some decent shots and post them here on my blog. Can I receive a pat on my back? ^_^

For today's NOTD, it will be about Sun. Yes, you cannot enjoy summer without the scorching heat of the sun so here are my nails painted with a yellow nail polish. I don't really use yellow on my nails because it makes my hands look darker and I don't like that. But since I am doing a series, I might as well do it.

I used a Bobbie nail polish in the shade Pina Colada. This is a sheer yellow nail polish with tiny silver flecks in it. I find it very pleasing to the eye and no doubt, it's really a great color for summer. To make it look nicer on my nails, I decided to add some design by using some paper flowers (looks like dried flowers in actual) that I purchased yesterday from the brand Klik by OMG. I'll post my haul later.

A bottle only cost me Php 35.50. Another cheap bottle of nail polish!



Instead of hating the sun because it's hotter than before, I think I found a great way to have fun with the it. I now have the sun on my nails. LOL!

Sorry for the very short post to describe my nails now. I just can't think of any to say right now. Be back with another chit chat, soon.

God bless! ^_^



  1. Love it! I love yellow on you! Hindi hepa yellow itey! :D

  2. Talaga? Feeling ko hindi bagay e. Pero ang tawa ko sa hepa yellow ah. Ayoko lalo nun. :P

  3. Sunny yellow. Perfect for summer. May isang buwan na ata akong walang manicure, inday kasi ako sa bahay :D

  4. Bagay itong yellow na ito sa iyo. Di ko masyado trip ang yellow pag hepa yellow hahahaha! Mas type ko ata mga lemony or light. Yung mga mustard, errr. :P

  5. This looks so nice and so summery! The flower accent added a lovely touch too :) I haven't worn any yellow shades on my nails this summer, maybe it's time na to do so habang summer pa!

  6. they look so refreshing! im not too brave on wearing colored nails cause of restrictions sa work! pero super perfect nya for summer :D

  7. wow! yellow! i have same here but it is in orange. just pairing it with my orange lipstick. bobbie lasts for long.

  8. Sis pwede ba akong magpali nung flower ? :) hihih :)

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