WINNERS: Post-Valentine Giveaway

Hello everyone! After days of waiting, here are the winners of my Post-Valentine Giveaway



Ruby gets Krave Minerale items.

Istin gets the assorted Korean beauty products.

Elal gets the HBC products.


Remember I asked you which set you prefer to get? So there you go, I am giving you what you want to have.


Changes: I will send an email tomorrow evening to the winners. if in case you see this post prior to receiving a mail from me, email me your name, address and contact number at You only have 48 hours to respond to my email. Failure to do so will result to having new winner/s.


Thanks to those who joined my giveaway. I hope you'll still support my blog even if I don't have an ongoing giveaway. ^_^


At the moment, I still can't do another giveaway because of financial instability. So, sponsors, you are very much welcome here. :)


God bless!




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