Mother's Day Gift Ideas

In less than a week, Mother's day will be celebrated again. For 20 years, I have been giving my mom different gifts. You see, buying gifts can be hard sometimes especially if you're doing it for a long time already. Today, I have a gift suggestion for this very special day to our lovely Moms.

My friend, Krish, is now running a business. They started out with balloon arrangements and designs for parties. Now, I see them doing flower business, too. It's really nice to see old friends being successful in their chosen craft. What caught my attention are these cute floral arrangements with a slight twist to it. Really, gone are the days when we used to give flowers only. Now, you can customize your bouquets by adding edible stuff like freshly baked cookies (see photo below).

I heard they also have another design with Ferrero Rocher in it. Now, that's SWEET! Literally, eh?

Want your moms to feel young? You can also get a bouquet with balloons in it.

For more information and price details as well as the scope for deliveries, kindly check their Facebook page, Bubble Pop Balloon Craft Specialist. You may send them a message there.

I hope I was able to help you find your mom a nice gift for her day. But, as always, it is our love for them that will make them truly happy. Give them a hug and a kiss and tell them how much you love them. ^_^

All photos used are from Bubble Pop Balloon Craft Specialist.

Thank you for reading and hope you'll drop by again.