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How did you spend Independence Day? My boyfriend and I went to Trinoma to watch a movie. We wanted to watch 'Now You See Me' but we were surprised to see that it's not there anymore. I think it's because June 12 is the pilot screening of 'Superman: A Man of Steel'. Le bf was not intrigued by Superman's trailer so instead of watching a movie, we decided to spend almost half of our day in Timezone. We played like kiddos there then got hungry.

For our lunch, we went to Brothers Burger. We were so hungry that eating big burgers wont be a problem.

Upon entering, we were greeted by this poster of Brothers Choice Meals wherein Premium Burgers are paired with sides plus a drink. He told me that Lamb Burger is the best choice but, since I know he'll be getting it and for the fact that I got really hungry, I opted for Brothers Pounder Meal that has 2 1/2 pound beef patty inside.

I forgot to take a photo of the entire place but good thing is I was able to capture how their tables look like. It's basic: simple and neat.

Le bf's order - Lamb Burger Meal | Php 380

Look at that juicy lamb patty. Yum! It was paired with fries but his order is onion rings. Our sides got mixed up. But that's no biggie. The fries were delicious. It was cooked to perfection and not as greasy as other fries in some fast food chains. As for the burger, it's really the best. It's really juicy, the juciest ever. It has a pesto sauce inside and you know me, I love pesto. This complimented lamb really well. The veggies, tomato and lettuce, are fresh.

My order - Brothers Pounder Meal | Php 375

I was really hungry at that time so I ordered the one that seemed to me the biggest. Indeed, it's really big. The patties are also juicy but not as juicy as the lamb. This tastes more smokey than the lamb burger. It has a slice of cheese inside which is a plus for me because I'm a cheese lover. The onion rings are super yummy and tasty. I was able to taste the sweetness of the onions. The veggies are also fresh but I prefer my bf's order because of the pesto sauce inside. With this, I needed to add a bit of ketchup to enhance the flavor of the patties even further.

For our drinks, we got the usual soda in cans. I don't drink soda that much but since this is what's included in the meal, I had no choice.

Overall, we were really satisfied with our food. BEST burgers we've ever tasted. Everything that's included in the mean really complemented each other. For sure, we will be going back and won't get tired of these burgers as well as their sides.




  1. I like Brothers Burger because the flame grilled type is a lot healthier than the regular burger.

  2. the onion rings plus burgers plus fries are must tries! :)

  3. Love the onion rings and fries!

  4. wow the patties look delicious... i m tempted


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