BRAND | iWhite Korea

Some of you may have read my review about iWhite Korea’s Aqua Moisturizing Cream. It is my current most favorite moisturizer as it is very affordable and not greasy on the face. It has helped my skin especially with the dry patches on my cheeks and on the sides of my nose.

I wasn’t able to introduce to you the brand itself as I was excited to share the positive results I saw upon using their products. Before I review another product from them, let me briefly share with you some information about iWhite Korea.

iWhite Korea is a whitening skin care product formulated in Korea. It specializes not only in lightening the skin tone, but also in improving the overall texture of the skin through its moisturizing and rejuvenating natural plant extracts refined through Bio-Nanotechnology.

iWhite Korea has several products targeting all skincare needs; like moisturizing facial wash, skin-clearing facial mask, dirt-removing nose pack, revitalizing and soothing moisturizer, facial cream with sunscreen, and whitening body soap which are all in the Philippines at an affordable price.

The brand iWhite Korea is launched by Biocostech Philippines in year 2004.

I love being morena but there are times that I envy those ladies with fair skin. Since this brand is primarily a whitening brand formulated in a country that is known to have people with really nice skin, I think this can really help me at least get a fairer and brighter skin without spending too much. With some added benefits other than whitening that naturally came from plant extracts, I know my skin is in good hands. I can’t wait to continue my journey with iWhite Korea.



Disclaimer: All brand information and  photos used are from iWhite Korea. I wasn't paid to do this post.