EOTD | Blue Liner

blGood day, everyone! It's so nice to finally get on track with my blog posts. Hopefully, this will continue on the coming days (months or year, if possible). This is a kind of late post and I had these photos sitting on my camera for weeks now. Good thing I wasn't able to delete these.

Last June, we celebrated Father's day and I want to add a touch of blue on my everyday look because to me, blue symbolizes masculinity (that's just me, okay?) I was lazy to put on eye shadows and I don't wan't to be the center of attention while we celebrate Father's day. So, I opted to put a blue liner that turns black as it wings on the outer corner of my eyes.

I used Wet n Wild Mega Liner in Indigo and ELF gel liner as I wing it out. Blended the two as they meet. I did not use any eye shadows, not even a highlighter. I just want a pop of color to a minimal. Was I able to achieve that? Please let me know.

See the black liner? I chose black at the end to achieve a natural looking winged line. This way, when I open my eyes, it would look as if it's my lashes that created that effect.

Let me leave you with my selfie shot. Sorry for the very bright photo. I just want to show you how the blue liner add life to my face.




  1. Everytime I tried using other color for my eyeliner it always smudge XD ewan ko ba ;) hehe :)

  2. Nice touch. no need for eyeshadows :)

  3. wow this is nice! :) You should try PAC's color liquid liner too sis.. super ganda rin ng liquid liners nila :D

  4. nice, i will try it

  5. The blue liner really added a nice pop of color without being too much "there" :) Love the look sis! I'd definitely try this soon since I think I have a blue liner somewhere in my stash. If ever I'll wear eye shadows, maybe something taupe-y para not too much pa rin.

  6. Oo nga e. I am thinking of using this with neutral eye shadows then nude or mauve colored lips. :)


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