HAIR UPDATE | Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity in Light Brown Auburn Copper

Here's another quick hair update for everyone. I actually had these photos sitting on my laptop since last month. So this update is quite late already and I am about to post another one in the coming days.

So, as usual, I decided to have my hair colored again. This time, the brand used is kinda new to me. It is the Schwarzkopf Professional. I haven't really heard of this brand before but I was told that this is best for those who have very sensitive scalp. My scalp normally gets itchy every time I color my hair so I wanted to try this out. The line for this is Essensity, I think. Please correct me if that's part of the brand name or the name of the line.

Product Claims and Content

I assumed that this one will not give me any itchy feel while the process is on going because it lacks the chemicals that, I think, could irritate my skin/scalp.


The shade I used is Light Brown Auburn Copper which is slightly reddish brown compared to my previous hair color. I really wanted to achieve red as for my hair color but le bf won't allow me so this is the closest I can get.

It was mixed with 8.5% oxidizing lotion and I was a bit shocked seeing orange cream being mixed. But, being a hair dye junkie for a long time now, I know that's not going to make my color orange-y. While the treatment is on going, I felt a slight tingling but not bothersome at all.

Here is the photo of my hair side by side: Before and After. I love how even the color of my hair looked after the procedure. Also, the red hint is really tamed and still, very fashionable. The shiny finish sold me. I love products that does not dry my hair because my hair is already dry to begin with. The color lasted a month only. It faded, which, again, I find normal on me. I don't know why my hair is that stubborn. So you will be seeing another hair update in the next few days.

Overall, I am pleased with the result. No irritations felt and the color achieved is superb!

To know more about the brand and their products, visit this link.


Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. Salon procedures and products used were paid for by blogger's own money.


  1. I've been looking for a brand that won't dry my hair. I used Kolours before and the color is not so vibrant. It's my first time to color my hair and currently the last but I'm planning to color again :)

  2. Light brown does give a younger look. I'm sure you look younger after the dye.

  3. Wow, I love the reddish tones on your new hair. Suits you better. I want to go auburn too, but I just colored my hair less than a month ago :)

  4. wow.. your new hair color looks nice and very natural!! :D

  5. Nice new hair color! Post ka naman ng nakaharap with your new hair color. =)

  6. Thanks, Rhea. Mas maganda yung hair mo. :)

  7. Unfortunately sis, wala akong matinong photo with that color. I colored my hair again kasi e. I will post an update, soon. :)

  8. I colored it again. No more red tones na. But thanks. At least na-try ko. :)

  9. If you want something that will look vibrant and won't dry your hair, try Matrix. Meron sya sa mga salons. :)

  10. […] photo on what my hair looks like before the procedure. It’s supposed to be reddish after my last hair color but, as usual, the color has been washed out. I love it though. LIke my hair is changing it’s […]


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