REVIEW | In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Colour in ER 01 Eyebrowns

Hello! I am back with another review. I am not a pro with eyebrows but I am quite an OC with mine. I always see to it that I define them before I leave our house. If you're going to ask my boyfriend, he would know that. I devote most of my time allotted for makeup to my brows. I believe that having neatly defined brows make a GREAT difference than using a super great foundation.

I am now going to review a current favorite which is the In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Colour in ER 01 Eyebrowns which I know have been raved by other beauty bloggers out there.

Since this is the first time I'll be reviewing a product from In2it, let me first give you a background about the brand.

In2it started 12 years ago when a group of like-minded artists and designers began developing cosmetic products for fun. The objective was to develop cosmetic formulations of high quality, at prices that were widely affordable for friends and exclusive customers. The order books quickly grew and in year 2000 the products became available under the brandname In2it through selective department stores. The In2it brand is owned by Asia Pacific Cosmetics Corporation (APCC), Hong Kong, which remains a private company.

Nowadays, In2it is available in well over a thousand stores, but still remains true to the original idea of offering high quality formulations, at affordable prices and continues to develop ideas with artists and designers. The brand is particularly famed for eyeliners, eye colour and blush. In2it products are formulated for Asian skin using ingredients and technology from Japan and Europe. All products are manufactured to international safety standards and are registered and approved by the relevant Government Health Departments.

Source: (Click the link to know where to purchase this product)

Product Information: 

Waterproof and long lasting eye brow colour in a three shade selection. Intense colour and easy to blend. Soft and smooth with the moisturiser vitamin E. Easy to apply with the nylon hair brush applicator and mirror compact.

Weight: 3.5g

Price: Php 299.75



Packaging is really simple. Black with clear flip cover showcasing the three shades inside. Though it feels cheap because of the plastic packaging, it still feels sturdy. Also, I fell in love with the flower detailing printed. To me, black speaks of elegance and the flowers added a girly touch to it. Product is so handy it can even fit my palm. I normally bring this when I go out of town because it can easily fit inside my makeup bag.

Upon opening, you will see a small mirror but very useful for touch ups. Even if it's so tiny, I can still see my brows using this mirror.

I also like that it came with three shades giving me more options and room for different intensity. These are also versatile as I also use them as eye shadow and contour powder. The shades aren't chalky and does not give fall outs.

It came with a nylon applicator that I normally use when I'm in a rush. It helps me achieve a naturally filled in brows. If I want my brows to be more defined, I use an angled liner brush and a spoolie.


Water Test

I tried rubbing it off after placing it under running water. It faded a bit but some parts remained in tact.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Left: After application
Right: After 8 hours[/caption]

What I like:

  • Cute design on the packaging.

  • Has a mirror.

  • Applicator is quite useful.

  • Ingredients, manufacture and expiry dates are given.

  • Very pigmented.

  • Color combination is great to those who have light and dark hair.

  • Though it faded, it still performed really well even after getting wet.

  • Lasts for more than 8 hours without touch ups.

  • A little goes a long way. This will last me for more than a year, I think.

  • Multifunctional.

  • Affordable.

  • Available locally.

What I don’t like:

  • The applicator can get a little flimsy at times.


  • Packaging: 4.5/5

  • Texture: 5/5

  • Effectiveness: 5/5

  • Lasting Power: 5/5

  • Affordability: 4/5

  • Availability: 5/5

Overall rating: 4.75/5

I am in love with this product. I tend to get this more than my other brow products. For better adherence to my brows, I sometimes use pencil first then use this on top. I know I will repurchase but not anytime soon. This small palette will last me months or even years.




  1. Wow! You shape them so well! I wish I can mine too!

  2. This is nice! Waterproofs make up is a must have. Lalo na pag raining at least it won't fade or wash away with all the efforts and all. Haha anyway, i like the colors you choose. Neutral! :)

  3. I have this too! and it's my favorite brow powder. I forgot to review it na >.< hahaha. I don't know if my photos will still give justice since the palette is used already :D Love your brows <3

  4. okay okay.. aya raves about this everytime we pass by in2it.. cge na bibilhin ko na sya tlga:)

  5. Must have even on hot sweaty days, hehe. I've used this awhile ago sa gym and it stayed put kahit pawisan. :)

  6. Parang nakita ko nga sa isang vid mo. Ang tagal maubos no? Thanks sis! :)

  7. Wala pa akong nakitang rant about this product kaya binili ko talaga. Akala ko nga out of stock lagi, buti nagtanong ako kung available. Nakatago pala, haha! Bilhin mo na. :)

  8. Nice post you have here on beauty products.

  9. The eyebrow color remains the same after 8 hours. Just proves of the waterproof coloring.

  10. i have seen this one displayed on their booth when i bought a powder from them but it's currently out of stock. The sales lady told me to come back after two weeks, hopefully i can get one.

  11. I like this product too from IN2IT ♥ Nice post!

  12. I am really curious to get this one. Kaya lang it is always out of stock e. I ended up buying something else.

    I am addicted in defining my brows as well but I can leave the house without it. hihi

  13. Katrina Rebecca GuzonAugust 15, 2013 at 6:41 PM

    This is also my favorite brow kit! Lasts supeeeer long pa, I haven't seen myself hitting the pan on it yet. It is also very versatile, I sometimes use it for contouring the eyes and nose when I don't have a matte brown shadow in my kit :)

  14. Super nice kasi e. I hope you can get your own na, soon. :)

  15. i love brow powders more than pencil. ako naman i use nichido and i have fanny serano too :P would make a review like this too :)

  16. Honestly, I don't own any brow products. Kasi first, I don't even know how to trim and shape my eyebrows, second, I don't know how to use a brow pencil, lalo na itong brow powder. Hihi. Baliktad tayo, kasi yung brow ko yung pinaka least priority ko. But I am trying to learn talga. Thanks for sharing this review! :)

  17. may bago sila sis.. yung nasa stick.. na ganyan :) same formula :)

  18. I'm using this too!! super super love this. been using this for 2 years now :)

  19. I need that. Thank's for sharing, I am actually just using an eyeshadow to my eyebrows. This is definitely a must have.

  20. That's a good review you have there! ^^

  21. You should rally get this. Super worth every cent. :)

  22. Sparse kasi hair ko sa brows so I really need products like this. Thanks, Dhadha. :)

  23. Ang nipis kasi ng kilay ko so as much as possible, I define them talaga. :)

  24. I use this or contour too, the lightest shade. :)

  25. Gina May J. MungcalSeptember 9, 2013 at 6:32 AM

    Hmmm looks interesting but kinda pricey *kuripot mode*. Grabe ka kung makapuri sa kilay ko girl ikaw naman pala may bonggang eyebrows!

  26. Fake yung shape nung sakin. Ikaw gifted na ng magandang shape. :)

  27. Woaah akalain mo first page ka ng Google when I searched this in2it eyebrow kit! <3
    Matry nga itetch, wala na talaga akong eyebrow pencil, I have wetnwild pero lagas e HAHA!

  28. Wow, kakatuwa naman! Try mo, it's really worth it. :)


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