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Hello everyone. I know you've seen my haul posts regarding some Hayan Korea products I purchased the past weeks. This time, it's still about the same brand but I will be showing you what they gave me to do a product review on.

First week of August, I was messaged by Mr. Cris Nam and said he wants to partner with me. He sent me few products to try but first, let me show you what you can expect from this brand as well as their products for sale.


Out of all these interesting products, I really want to try the Snail skin care line (I've read some good news about this), Stretchmark and Cellulite Cream for my flabby arms and thighs, Nail Polishes and BB Creams. I need to save up for these items. :)

So here are the items they sent me: Real Black Liquid Eye Liner, Slim Lipstick in L210 and Aesthetic Serum - Vitamins (which has an AWESOME smell, BTW). I've been using the eye liner and the lipstick the past few days and I am loving them. I will do separate posts for the reviews. In the meantime, check out these branches of Hayan Korea here in the Philippines. Go and grab your picks ASAP. :)

  1. Hayan Starmall EDSA

  2. Hayan SM Sta Mesa

  3. Hayan SM Southmall

  4. Hayan SM Sta.Rosa

  5. Hayan SM San Lazaro

  6. Hayan SM San Pablo

  7. Hayan SM Rosario

  8. Hayan Victory Mall Caloocan

  9. Hayan Maunlad 2 Mall Bulacan

  10.  Hayan Ortigas

  11. Hayan Angeles Nepo Mall

  12. Hayan Naga City

  13. Hayan Quezon Povince

  14. Hayan Caloocan

  15. Hayan SM Masinag

  16. Hayan Victory Mall Antipolo

  17. Hayan Starmall Alabang

  18. Hayan Angeles Jumdo Jenra Mall

  19. Hayan Dau Jumdo Jenra Mall

Soon to open branches:

  1. SM Baliwag

  2. Robinson Blacan

  3. Davao Hayan

  4. Walter Mart Angeles

  5. SM Nagtahan Save More

That's it for my little introduction of Hayan Korea in my blog as well as my mini haul from them. Stay tuned for reviews and FOTDs featuring these.

Visit their website and Facebook page.


Disclaimer: Photos and information are from Hayan Korea.



  1. You'll definitely love the products! I'm currently using their lipstick and eyeliner and I must say, all good :)

  2. So far, I am very pleased with their products. :)

  3. I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant them so bad! Hahaha kainis! Gusto ko ung peeling cream at snail serum. Sana padalhan din ako haha!

  4. dahil they are on sale, I would go to HAYAn and shop!!!!!!!!!!!! :D hihi!!!

  5. Really? Is it the pink and white one? I have that in sachet pero di ko pa natry.

  6. Yup. I think there's only one kind? Not sure. I like how the formula is light but gives enough coverage to hide pores and small blemishes, so it's perfect for everyday. It makes you kind of shiny though which is great if you have dry skin like with me on my cheeks, but for my t-zone I make sure to use a good mattifying powder or else I'll look really oily fast. Haha

  7. Sana magkaron dito sa Olongapo/Subic Bay. :)

  8. I've never heard of this brand, and now I have. and now i will search and buy :D

  9. these products are really a good news for ladies I guess :)

  10. hope to see hayan serum for a review ;)

  11. Gina May J. MungcalSeptember 9, 2013 at 6:38 AM

    Review the products soon please? :)

  12. I love HK products! Especially the bb cream. Please do a review on the serum, I wanna see if it's worth the buy :)

  13. Can you do some reviews? Im currently eyeing Hayan! Promising products! Can you visit my blog too and perhaps we can follow each other? Thanks!


  14. I might need the stretchmark and cellulite cream lol! Their products looks promising. :)

  15. Their prices are really a sweet deal. Maybe I will give a product or 2 a try.

  16. too bad they dont have a shop here in tacloban. i once won a bb cream from them yet they never sent me and my friend our prizes

  17. I have to agree. I would suggest their eye liner and slip lipsticks. :)

  18. Sure. But I need to finish first my other skin care products. :)

  19. I will definitely review the products I received. Do you have bloglovin? I can follow you there.

  20. I will dear. Pag naubos na yung iba ko. :)


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