REVIEW | Bare Naturals Emu Oil Skin Perfecting Soap

Lately, my sister's skin is becoming more acneic or prone to pimples. I think it's her hormones that are acting up. I bought this soap from Bare Naturals called Emu Oil Skin Perfecting Soap because I really wanted to help her with her skin problem. I purchased this from Lazada Ph last July. See my birthday haul here.

Just by looking at the soap itself, you can really tell that it is really organic. What more if you were able to smell it? This smells like tea tree and calamansi basically because it contains them.

Just what my sister needs, for pimple and pimple marks and is recommended for oily skin. I think this label just described her current skin condition.

Product Description

Price: Php 150 (135 g)
Purchased at: Lazada Ph
You may also check this at and purchase it there.

Plus point for having an expiry date stamped on the sticker attached to it. I am particular with this one because I hate using expired products.

See the Bare Naturals logo engraved on the soap? I find that detail really cute. It also means that they value presentation and that this soap is specifically made for this brand only.

I divided the soap into four parts. I used one and the rest is for my sister. At first, thought this is going to melt easily but I was wrong. My share lasted for 3 weeks (used morning and evening). The soap is soft but isn't melting like ice cream. The shape has something to do with it because it helps drain water from the soap.

Here's my sister's forehead. As you can see on the before photo, she has a lot of pimples (small and big ones). She used the soap for almost 3 weeks and I would always remind her so that she won't forget. On the photo after using the soap, you can still see that there are still some pimples and some even came out while she's using the soap. Some, on the other hand, dried up and disappeared already.

As for the skin lightening effect, I noticed that her face evened out a bit but didn't lighten that much. I guess, just like with other skin lightening products, it happens over a period of time; with the use of more bars, I think?

What I like:

  • Has an expiry date.

  • I find the shape really unique but very useful in draining water.

  • Fresh, organic scent.

  • Lathers really well.

  • Effective in cleansing the face.

  • Helps in drying out pimples and evening out skin color withput drying the skin too much.

  • No irritations occurred.

  • Helps in lessening the oil buildup on my T-zone area.

  • Available locally

What I don’t like:

  • Some parts of the soap are rough due to it's ingredients.

  • Takes time before you see noticeable effects.

  • Although it is locally available, I think you can only purchase this online.

  • Pricey for a bar soap.


  • Packaging: 3.5/5

  • Texture: 5/5

  • Scent: 4/5

  • Effectiveness: 4/5

  • Availability: 3.5/5

  • Affordability: 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 3.9/5

I think this suits my sister's skin than my skin. With continued use, I think her skin will definitely improve. I might repurchase this for her.




  1. Looks like great lalo na ang packaging! Hehe Uhm have you tried Cetaphil? Ipatry mo sa kanya. I'm prone to pimples din before bu tokay na now :)

  2. That's a little pricey but looks pretty promising.. so worth it na din :)

  3. this is truly informative.Nice post! :)


  4. I would try this product too if worst comes to worst my face would break out one day (knock on wood!). It looks like it's really working...just have your sis use the soap till it's all gone. I want to see how it turned out. Although I'm not a fan of the price too...I'm that cheap. lol! Great review btw!

  5. luckily i'm not prone to pimples, but i'd share this to a friend of mine who is. nice review though :)

  6. the appearance itself seems convincing for the skin problems. 150.. pwede na din :)

  7. The lego shape of the soap looks really cool and I may need this too as I tend to have oily skin.

  8. this is one informative post and it looks effective to use! at the same time never use any products for my face except for water because of chemicals problem! nice post

  9. the product looks promising but yes, it's a bit pricey nga for a soap but if it's really effective naman then it's still worth it. will try this one soon :)

  10. Meron akong ganito from Lazada kaso di ko nagamit. Pinang regalo ko. Lol.Sana pala tinry ko din. :D

  11. Yeah, pwede na rin as long as it's effective.

  12. I hope this works for her. Thanks Lean! :)

  13. Hmm.. medyo bet ko sya itry.. kaso for the face lang sya noh.. thinking I guess they have other variants right? Im not breaking out naman kasi o baka drying siya for me.


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