REVIEW | Hayan Korea Real Black Liquid Eye Liner (Waterproof)

Hello, everyone. It's really cold right now. I have low tolerance to cold weather and it makes my joints hurt and my hands become stiff. Typing is a challenge for me .

Anyway, I drafted my post about this few days back but I accidentally deleted the files in my flash drive so I had to re-do it. Good thing my photos are still intact. So finally, I'm going to review one of the products Hayan Korea sent me. This is the Real Black Liquid Eye Liner the waterproof type.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Hayan Korea Real Black Liquid Eye Liner (Waterproof)
Php 390 (Introductory price Php 185) | 5g 
Purchase at any Hayan Korea store (see list below)[/caption]

  1. Hayan Starmall EDSA

  2. Hayan SM Sta Mesa

  3. Hayan SM Southmall

  4. Hayan SM Sta.Rosa

  5. Hayan SM San Lazaro

  6. Hayan SM San Pablo

  7. Hayan SM Rosario

  8. Hayan Victory Mall Caloocan

  9. Hayan Maunlad 2 Mall Bulacan

  10.  Hayan Ortigas

  11. Hayan Angeles Nepo Mall

  12. Hayan Naga City

  13. Hayan Quezon Povince

  14. Hayan Caloocan

  15. Hayan SM Masinag

  16. Hayan Victory Mall Antipolo

  17. Hayan Starmall Alabang

  18. Hayan Angeles Jumdo Jenra Mall

  19. Hayan Dau Jumdo Jenra Mall

Product Information

  • Create the most dramatic wingtip look with Hayan Real Black Liquid Eyeliner!

  • Its deep dark color gives your eyes a bold and sexy outline.

  • Using smooth and gentle strokes, it goes on quick and lasts all day.

  • It is easy to apply even for first-timers, so any woman can experience attractive eyes.

  • It delivers dense color to help enhance and define your eyes for a mysterious and dramatic look.

Instructions on how to use

Dab a small amount of powder over eyelids after applying base make-up to blot out excess oil. This will help the eyeliner stay put for a long time.

Some warnings

Content and Shelf Life


It is housed in a sleek, long, black tube with a glossy finish. It looks like a mascara packaging to me but it feels very sturdy.

The long handle makes it easier for beginners (like me) to have a nice grip on it. What concerns me is long tube that connects the brush and the handle itself. To some, it may be tricky to apply.

My favorite feature of this is the very thin and pointed brush that is soft and easy to use especially when you want a very defined can eye effect.

Left is a photo of the liner when wet the on the right, it's dry. As you can see, it gives a slight glossy finish which may look really unnatural. You may set it with a matte black eye shadow to cancel the glossy effect.

This claims to be waterproof so I needed to test it out. And yes, it is. It doesn't smudge nor bleed when exposed to water but when you try to rub it off when wet, it will come of forming film like. It does not give me that panda eyes when washing it off because it is easy to remove.

In the photo above, you will see how thin a line it can create. That's actually what I love about it. It can give me that barely there eye liner but does enhance my eyes or it can also be used to give me thick eye liner, and I can also flick it for a defined wing.

My very first perfect winged eye liner! I'm so proud of my self, haha! Left photo is right after I applied it and right photo is taken after 8 hours. As you can see, my liner is still visible. Some parts faded, the shiny effect also disappeared and it is not as black as it is when applied but still, it did a great job in staying on my lids for 8 hours.

One thing I disliked though is after letting it dry, I curled my lashes. Some parts of my liner got removed. Nothing major though. It can be helped with a little retouch. :)

What I like:

  • Though the packaging is quite bulky, I did not have a hard time using it.

  • I did not find an expiration date but shelf life is printed so that's okay.

  • The brush is LOVE! PERFECT!

  • It is really pigmented.

  • No smell.

  • Stays for 8 hours on my lids.

  • No irritations felt.

  • Easy to remove.

  • Affordable.

  • Locally available.

What I don’t like:

  • It's takes time to dry.

  • It's a bit glossy. Matte would be better but this one can pass.

  • It comes off when you rub it once it gets wet.

  • It gets removed every time I curl my lashes after the liner has dried.


  • Packaging: 4/5

  • Texture: 4/5

  • Effectiveness: 4/5

  • Availability: 4/5

  • Affordability: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

This is the very first liquid eye liner that I fell in love with. I love the pigmentation, the longevity and the price. I have to repurchase before it gets back to its original price. How about you, what's your current favorite eyeliner?



Disclaimer: Product provided for review purposes. Review was done based on my personal experience with the product and is unbiased.


  1. Yay! This is great! All i thought It's your blog ung hayan dn na brand iba pala maskara un. Eto liner. Tagal ko na gusto matuto yang eye liner na yan. Haha hindi ko magawa ng maayos :D

  2. It's nice that it's now widely available for ladies. Also nice that it also last 8 hours.

  3. I never perfected the skill in using eyeliners. That's why I usually use pencil nlang. :( Might try this out. :)

  4. I super love eyeliner - but I don't think I can use that very well. I love pencils more, haha! Idk. I have to try I guess, hihi..

  5. Practice lang sis. I hated the application process din before. :)

  6. You will love this. Super fine nung brush. :)

  7. Ako rin but syempre, since maraming gumagawa, I practiced din. So far, okay naman results. :)

  8. I tested it for 8 hours. It faded on some areas but I can still see my liner after that 8 long hours. Some liners I've used would only last 3-4 hours on me, as in totally removed. :(

  9. i've seen one of their stores here at sm rosario, they seem like etude house products but i guess i will keep on reading reviews from you to make sure before i buy from them. the price seem competitive but if i'd compare it to etude house, it's like comparing my maybeline to my everbilena. that's my opinion lang ha. :)

  10. Packaging wise, EH is is way ahead, in my opinion. Also, EH offers a lot of products na and marami ang promising so I guess that's one of the reason kung bakit mas mahal sya. Hayan naman is medyo bago satin. Introductory price palang and limited palang ang items. Siguro soon, mas magdadagdag sila. I'll review another one, soon. :)

  11. good review! im learning how to properly review an eyeliner after reading your post :D


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