Meeting Katleya of Eyahnism

One of the many achievements a blogger can achieve or receive is finding real people in the cyber world. It's actually a tough one since you'll never know if a person is for real or not unless you meet them, bond with them and interact with them really often. The thing with me is I don't go out that often. I find it hard to find time since I have a lot of things to attend to, family wise.

Yesterday, I finally had the time to go out even for just a few hours. And who I went out with? No other than the gorgeous and sexy Katleya of Eyahnism. I told her I'll try to meet with her within the week and Friday came, I messaged her and we met up.

Here's my simple FOTD yesterday. My eyes looked tired and irritated because I accidentally poked it with my mascara wand. I ended up removing the mascara off my lashes hence, the unfinished look for the day. Good thing my plum lip color came handy.

We met in Robinsons Metro East and had some late lunch at Pizza Hut. We had a nice conversation about a lot of topics. Funny conversation, I must say. I enjoyed talking to her. I'm usually quiet around people but with her, I kind of laugh naman and talked a lot as well. She's very easy to talk to.

So here are our photos together.

This first photo went kinda blurry so we had to retake. Sayang because Eyah's smile is so perfect kaso my hands went shaky siguro.

See her outfit? Super sexy. I wish one day I can wear something like that. I'm too fat for that. LOL!

I am hoping to meeting more bloggers in the future. I've heard so many nice things about some already through Eyah and I know one day, our paths will cross.

And to the gorgeous blogger behind Eyahnism, thanks for the daldalan yesterday. It made me realize na may social life pa nga pala ako. And you're right, di na tayo cyber friends lang. Hahaha! Pero special ka kasi first ever meet up ko with a blogger. See you soon.



  1. Yay! finally nag meet din kayo! :D Sarap kasama niyan ni eyah :D ^_^ hopefully ma meet din kita someday :)

  2. NIce meeting ulit, definitely not the last one! And I love our food!

    Thank you sa gift bawi ako next time hihi :) hugs!

  3. Truelaley! Daldalan lang ang ginawa namin. Hope to meet you din sis. :)

  4. Love the food especially the pizza! :)

    Hehe sa birthday ko naman yung gift mo. :)

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  6. Haha, sana pala sumama ako dun, lol. :)

  7. twin natikman mo na ako? hihihihi! I labyou! alam mo yan!


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