OOTD | Girly in Pink

I am not a fashionista at all. I only wear clothes where I find comfort in. This time, I wanna share with you another comfy yet very girly outfit I wore when I had my hair bleached (for highlights) about two weeks ago.

Pink was never a favorite color of mine when I was younger. I just don't think it suits my personality. I've always been tagged as 'one of the boys' or 'tomboy' and to be honest, I don't blame people for thinking about me that way. I am indeed one of the boys. I get along really well with my guys friends. Maybe it's because I understand how they think (well partly).

Unlikely it may seem, but when I got older, that's when I saw the beauty of this color. It gives me this young and free feeling every time I wear something pink or use a pink item. So yeah, with this outfit, I definitely feel girly.

Top - Collezione
Bottom - Weekender
Shoes - SM Department store
Watch - Movado



  1. Pink def gives a youthful vibe! I love how your shoes coordinated with the rest of your outfit :D

  2. Haha parang OA na ata sa pagka-pink. Pero cute kasi e. :)


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