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"I will make my life a masterpiece by starting to plan out all the things I want to accomplish, all the dreams I want to achieve and to write all the best experiences 2014 will give me." That's what I told myself the soonest I found out the Belle De Jour is giving me a free planner. Yes, that's how positive I want myself to be as I jumpstart this year.

This planner came in a bit late and arrived mid of this month already. Nonetheless, I am still happy and very ecstatic when I received this. This is actually my second BDJ planner. I had one even before I started blogging. I wasn't able to write and use the planner properly. I don't really know how to organize my thoughts and schedules back then. This time, it is going to be different, I promise you.

My pen is now ready to fill the pages of this planner. I am more ready to make my 2014 more exciting!

This is what welcomed me when I opened the planner. Very clever, I think, to start my journey with an encouragement.

I will go through some of the pages one by one. Starting with this very useful page for me since I am a blogger. I like the tips written here.

Of course,  a BDJ Power Planner Lifestyle Card is included. This will be our access to this year's BDJ events. Aside from that, discounts and promos can also be enjoyed through this.

Since this planner offers a lot of pages that covers different areas in someone's life, these two pages will serve as a simple guide on how to maximize the use of this planner.

Start with writing your goals and the fears you want to conquer. Another way of making sure you'll have an awesome year ahead.

This part is actually my favorite! I want to post a photo of my dream! :)

Do you have your own bucket list? This can help you start to have your own.

My next favorites! COUPONS! Who wouldn't want to get freebies and discounts? I am excited to use all the coupons!

One way to earn happiness is by sharing it!

I haven't attended any blogging events yet but this one is useful for that.

Health is important! Giving it a space in a planner is a must.

I am guilty of not knowing when my next cycle should take place so I am making a vow to keep a track from now on.

This is the part where I will be writing all my personal stuff to finish. Top on my list is losing weight.

Again, another area to promote wellness.

Sometimes vacation go out of hand. I can attest to that. So planning, even the littlest things, are also important.

I love how the monthly planning is very easy with this planner. You can always use your own style.

Who normally finds buying gifts hard? I do. I always like giving special gifts to my loved ones.

This one is kinda cool! I have actually used this part already. Yay for managing finances. :)

Then, area for important numbers in case of emergency.

With this planner, you'll also get calendars for 2014 and 2015.

A sleeve for important papers and stickers to use as you go ahead and plan out your year.

BTW, what I got is the spiral one. You may also get the smythsewn, exclusive gray leather or have it personalized by having them print your name on the cover.

I am really excited to use the coupons as I have mentioned above. So, as a proof, I've already used one, the Revlon coupon where I get to have 500 peso discount when purchasing 1500 peso worth of regular priced products. So there, I bought a liquid foundation and a pressed powder. I am so happy with my first purchases using a BDJ coupon.

Planners are currently out of stock when I checked. You may message them though to check if you can still purchase. They are now back in stock! =)

Check them here:

Thank you so much, BDJ, for this really nice present! You definitely inspired me to do better this year!

So now, let me go ahead and enjoy my planner and plan the rest of my 2014. Happy day, loves! :)



  1. sherry ann gole cruzJanuary 20, 2014 at 5:24 PM

    cute planner,wish i had one..

  2. I'm currently using SB planner. very simple lang nya. I might try bdj next yr after this one. super daming good reviews e! kaiingit XD

  3. I was supposed to have this planner. huhu. I really like this planner.. so many features! and I like the design. <3 Enjoy your planner~ ;)

  4. SB planner is really simple and useful as well. BDJ naman has a lot of pages for different purposes. Okay sa mga maraming need i-plan out. :)

  5. I won kasi sa giveaway but BDJ sent me the wrong items which are the NAVI and journal na dapat ay Belle De Jour Power planner + sticky notes. Yun talaga gusto ko eh pero okay na lng kasi bigay lang din. :'3

  6. Aw baka nagkaproblem sa pag sort ng planners. I saw NAVI naman and ok rin sya. Less kikay nga lang ang design. :)

  7. You can still purchase it on their website.

  8. I love Belle de Jour Power Planner, every page are very useful. Sa dami ng sinalihan ko I'm glad na nanalo sa isa hahaha!!! This is the first time na nagplanner ako and I'm really enjoying it! same tayo about sa menstrual tracker dahil ngayon alam ko na when darating ang monthly visitor ko LOLS before inaantay ko lang hahaha

  9. Useful, indeed. Medyo naninibago ako kasi it's been a long time since I used a planner pero I am getting the hang of it. :)

  10. nice planner,. ang dami freebies,.
    yung nagustuhan ko dyan na kakaiba is Menstrual Tracker,.

  11. I love BDJ planners! Will BDJ offer this planner din ba sa mga group buying sites like cash cash pinoy? usually may huge discount e.. baka sakali lang you would know.

  12. beautiful planner you have there, I loved collecting planners of starbucks, and buying another planner for me to use. hehe. I a little bit OC in terms of my schedule thats why I have my planner with me all the time, there are time I have 2 planners with me. I even have a plan already for our summer outing this summer. bought a nice deal at cashcashpinoy

  13. I actually have no idea if that's going to happen. But if ever, that will be great kasi diba may discount dun? :)

  14. I hope OC rin ako. I need to be more organized with my schedule. :)


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