REVIEW | 10 Color Blush Palette + 10 Pairs False Eyelashes + Eye Liner Makeup Set + TMART Giveaway (International)

Hello everyone!

I will warn you as early as now that this is going to be a photo loaded blog post. This is going to be a review about the set of makeup products I received from Tmart before 2013 ended. Sorry if it took me awhile before I posted this review because the schedule last month was really hectic. Nonetheless, I am happy to show you guys that they sent me.

To start with, there are a lot to choose from Tmart makeup sets depending on your needs so I suggest you go and check them out. They also offer free shipping worldwide so that's really a good thing especially to every makeup enthusiasts like me.

Owning a blush palette isn't on top of my list but I know I want one. So when they told me that they will send me this 10 Color Blush Palette + 10 Pairs False Eyelashes + Eye Liner Makeup Set, I was really happy. Finally, I get to experiment on different blush colors which I rarely do, BTW. Now, I have more options, different colors in different hues. This is what the set looks like. Would you believe this is only for Php 474.01 pesos (original price is Php 921.73)? To be honest, the palette alone is more than enough for me.

10 Color Blush Palette

  • New and high quality, never used

  • From salmon through to brick red with numerous shades of pink in between, this is a must have for professional make-up artists or beauty queens who love to experiment with their look

  • Ideal for make-up artists and anyone who wants to experiment with different color without spending a fortune on separate powders

  • Combines 10 blushers in one palette

  • Selection of soft, silky powders in both metallic and matte formats

  • Smart matte black plastic palette

At the back of the box it came with, you can see the ingredients of the blusher. This information is definitely a must.

The colors are very pigmented and felt silky. With this, you now have different colors for blush and highlight purposes. How I wish there is a matte brown color included that can act as a bronzer but since these colors are AMAZING, I don't mind having a separate bronzer.

10 Pairs Long False Eyelashes (SKS025)

  • New in retail package

  • Fascinating eyelashes

  • Make your eyes look bright and attractive

  • Specialized made by hand entirely

  • For party and daily use

  • High quality and low price

  • 10 pairs of eyelashes in natural style, can be used for many times

  • Volumizing and thickening your eyelashes make them look more curly

  • Can be removed by eye makeup remover

  • Simple to use and comfortable to wear

  • Material: Fiber

These lashes aren't natural looking at all because they are quite dense. But when I used them, I was surprised that they felt lightweight and it didn't feel as if flies are on my lids. If you know what I mean. Definitely, it brightens the eyes and adds extra sexiness. Volume and length, perfectly achieved. These are also reusable as long as you remove it carefully. These are perfect for night time look and special events.

The bone of the lashes has some white material making it visible when you apply it on. The technique is either you apply pencil liner on the bone prior to application or just like what I did, apply liner after lash application. I am totally using this for dramatic looks.

2 in 1 Makeup Cosmetic Eye Liner Pen + Eyeliner Liquid

  • Mistine Perfect Eye 2 in 1 Eyeliner with 1 tip a pen eyeliner and 1 tip is a liquid eyeliner.

  • This liquid eyeliner comes with a fine tip, gives you the freedom to draw any fine or coarse lines.

  • Easy to use and quick dry.

  • Bright fashion purple bottle, perfect gift for young lady girls!

  • Carefully outlined the beautiful eye liner, make it even more of your eyes look, the waterproof formula, in the face without blinking and sweating, fear, embarrassment of the situation does not occur, can be used repeatedly.

The liquid eyeliner is very pigmented, waterproof and budge proof. The tip of the applicator in indded very fne for precise application. The pen eyeliner, on the other hand, is not as pigmented and not waterproof, making it more appropriate for the waterline.

Professional Makeup Eyeliner Curd and Eyeliner Brush Set Black

  • New and high qulity

  • Specially designed tip of the eyeliner glides on smoothly for the most precise control

  • The eyeliner lines and defines with smooth, even color that looks fresh all day

  • To enhance the shape and color of your eyes by using eyeliner

  • Easy to color, waterproof, long lasting, your eyes will looks larger and nicer

  • Easy to precise, perfect decoration and long lasting

  • Come with a box, easy to carry and store

I like how easily this glides on my lids. It is very creamy making it easier to achieve a perfect line. However, the brush included is a bit flimsy for me. The bristles are a too long for my liking. Also, this isn't as long lasting as the liquid eyeliner and I did not receive this with a box (maybe because I got this as a part of the set).

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] pen eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner
1) Upon swatching, 2) Water test, 3) Rub test[/caption]

The swatches kind of says it all already, pigmentation and longevity.

Let me just compare the liquid (left) and gel liner once more. As you can see, the line using the gel liner is smoother. Had it become more long wearing, it'll be my favorite liner already. I have unsteady hands and I easily make mistake with liquid liners. Both liners give very nice pigmentation tho.

What I like:

Blush palette

  • Pigmented. Way more than I expected.

  • Unscented (except for the plastic packaging).

  • Placed in a black packaging which is perfect for makeup artists (professional looking).

  • Lots of colors to choose from (light to intense; matte to shimmery).

  • Not too powdery.

  • Lasts the whole day (touch up once on lightly colored blushers).

2 in 1 Makeup Cosmetic Eye Liner Pen + Eyeliner Liquid

  • Liquid liner is very pigmented, waterproof and long wearing.

  • Unscented.

  • Cute packaging.

  • Handy.

Professional Makeup Eyeliner Curd and Eyeliner Brush Set Black

  • Pigmented.

  • Smooth and creamy.

  • Handy.

  • Unscented.

As a whole

  • Affordable.

  • Available online.

  • Free shipping.

What I don't like:

Blush palette

  • It does not have a mirror.

2 in 1 Makeup Cosmetic Eye Liner Pen + Eyeliner Liquid

  • Pen liner isn't as pigmented as the other eyeliners.

  • Tho packaging is cute, the feel is somewhat off to me. It's very similar to those you see on the tiangges.

Professional Makeup Eyeliner Curd and Eyeliner Brush Set Black

  • Not waterproof.

  • Smudges easily.

Ratings as a set:

  • Packaging: 3/5

  • Texture: 4/5

  • Scent: 4.5/5

  • Effectiveness: 3.5/5

  • Lasting power: 3.5/5

  • Availability: 4/5

  • Affordability: 5/5

Overall rating: 3.9/5

Again, there are things to really love about this set but of course, there are also some cons. But still, I am happy I received this. If you are a budding MUA, you may opt to get a set (or any similar set) like this because you get a lot of product for a minimal cost. I am definitely recommending the blush palette because I am really satisfied with how it performed.

Let's now move on to the fun part. Tmart is generous enough to sponsor a giveaway. One lucky reader will get the exact same set I received. This giveaway is open internationally and will start on January 15, 2014 and will end on the 31th. The winner will be announced here and will be contacted for further details. The prizes will be shipped by Tmart to the address given by the winner. Just follow the mechanics posted on the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: Product provided by the company. Review was done based on my personal experience with the product and is unbiased. I was not paid to do this review.


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