REVIEW | Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free BB Stick SPF 21 PA+++ (Fresh)

This is my first ever product review for the year 2014. This was supposed to be posted last month but due to hectic schedule, I had to move it. So this is my take on Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick which I've been using since November last year. This has been my go to face makeup when I am in a hurry and whenever I only need a face brightening product.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free BB Stick SPF 21 PA+++
Php 289 | 10g
For oily skin
Comes in 2 shades (Fresh and Radiance)
The first BB stick with 12 hour anti-shine powder finish! With its silky smooth application, it gives you a shine free powder finish every time! (copied from my press kit)

On the plastic that seals the product, you will see the product description and the ingredients. This is not so much of a big deal but I think it is better if the ingredients were printed on the product itself and not on the plastic. That's just for future reference if ever. Like when we heard of something about a certain makeup ingredient then we want to check if our makeup has it, diba? But you can always search online. Matrabaho nga lang.

The packaging resembles a lipstick to me. Like the mechanism on how to get the product is very similar. This is just a bit bigger. Made out of plastic but is sturdy enough to hold the product. The Bb stick does not wobble inside. Twisting it to get the product is smooth and easy peasy.

This only has 2 shades, Fresh (lighter) and Radiance (darker). How I wish they have a wider shade selection. Though Fresh is lighter than my skin tone, I was still able  to blend it out using a darker shade of powder. Thank goodness!

The texture of the product is very powdery. It spreads like a cream based product but once you touched it, you'll feel as if you've applied a powdered type of product on to your face. It does not feel heavy nor greasy. It brightens the skin but keeping the natural look.  However, if you have dry kin, this might accentuate dry patches. Oh, I must also say that the smell isn't pleasing to me. It smells like plastic or some kind of chemicals that I don't really like. It goes off after some time.

Here's a photo of my face before and after using the product. I used 2 layers and as you can see, the coverage is light to medium. It is easy to spread but hard to build the coverage on my face. My scar on my left lower part of the cheek is still noticeable and my under eye area is still a bit dark. Other than those areas, my skin looks bright, even and matte.

I put the bb stick to the test and wore it without setting powder. After more than 7 hours, I saw my face isn't shine free anymore but when I touched it, it still feels nice like it is not greasy.

To test it again for the shine free effect, I used it with setting powder this time. I wore it for 12 hours and did not retouch the bb stick and powder. The powder did a great job in making the bb stick last longer. After 12 hours, the high points of my face looked a bit shiny but not oily. It looked better compared to when I used it alone. I am definitely using this with powder on top.


When used in flash photography, this is what it looked on me. It does give a slight white cast on the face.

What I like:

  • Description, ingredients and manufacturing date on the packaging.

  • Travel friendly.

  • Has SPF 21 PA+++ making it a good product to prevent sun damage.

  • Powdery finish.

  • Instant brightening effect.

  • Lasting power (if set with a good powder).

  • No irritations experienced.

  • Affordable.

  • Available locally.

What I don't like:

  • The plastic-like smell.

  • Only 2 shades available.

  • Accentuates dry patches.

  • Hard to layer on for more coverage hence it only covers light to medium.

  • Faded in some areas like the sides of my nose and under eyes.

  • Not shine free for 12 hours when used alone (at least on me)

  • Extremely oily individuals should use a very good powder/setting spray.

  • The product might melt if placed in warm areas.

  • Can give white cast when used in flash photography.


  • Packaging: 4/5

  • Texture: 4/5

  • Scent: 2/5

  • Shade selection: 2/5

  • Effectiveness/Coverage: 3.5/5

  • Lasting power: 4/5

  • Availability: 5/5

  • Affordability: 4/5

Overall rating: 3.5/5

I think this bb stick is okay if you don't have much to cover on your face. You may use concealer of this can't work alone, coverage wise. Again, the downside is the scent and the shade selection. Other than that, I think this bb stick is a good product to use for everyday. If you are like an office or school girl that needs something to even out your skin tone, brighten you face especially the under eye area and you don't like splurging too much on a bb product, this one is for you. But if you want something that can cover major imperfections this isn't something that I'd recommend.

Watch the video below to see the demo on how I used this product.

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Disclaimer: Product provided by the company. Review was done based on my personal experience with the product and is unbiased. I was not paid to do this review.


  1. Waaah I like this too! I have both shades but didn't touched the radiance shade yet as I find it too dark on my skin but maybe it'll work when blended. Super ganda niya! I never thought I will like it. Solution for the dry patches, thoroughly moisturize your skin and use a good primer underneath. You'll like it even more :)

  2. It looks natural on your skin. I haven't tried any bb cream/stick but I'm eyeing on Maybelline to try first.

  3. They have nice bb products but poor on shade selection. :(

  4. Good thing I don't have much dry areas on my face, sa forehead lang. I'll use a primer pag ginamit ko ulit to. Thanks Gen, for the tip. :)

  5. Maybelline's BB Stick looks great! Sad though that the lack of shade choice makes the users limited. Great post! :)

  6. Even if there are two shades available but if one of the shades is applicable and works well with your complexion then it should not fall under "What I don't Like." :) I think Maybelline products are good and their BB creams are a must-try.

  7. Exactly. With bb products, I think 4 shade selection is decent enough. At least for me. Thanks! :)

  8. My reason behind placing it under the "What I don't like" section is because I am also considering the fact that my skin color might change over time especially since summer is very near and I might have a hard time finding the perfect shade for me. But yeah, one shade did work for me at least at this moment. Next time, I'll add a new category which is the "Neutral". Thanks for helping me out. I will try to do better next time. :)

    I agree, their products are really good. One of my favorite drugstore brands. :)

  9. ive always been a maybelline user but i havet tried their BB yet! i think i mst check it out very soon!

  10. Quite cheap ha. but you know what, some of my friends do not like the BB of maybelline. I dont know, I guess I have to test it myself.

  11. I love in-depth product reviews, and the summary at the end of the post! We don't have this BB cream here in Hungary, but I also always have so-so opinions on Maybelline stuff.

  12. Been eyeing for this bb stick.. gusto ko sana itry. Nice review! ^_^

  13. What Maybelline products do you usually go for? I want to explore more. :)

  14. This is the second BB I've tried from them. I forgot the name nung first pero parang di ko na sya makita sa market. I did not like it as well. This one naman is ok for everyday use.

  15. What do you have there? Only foundations? This bb cream isn't bad but isn't the best either. This is something I can use on a daily basis. :)

  16. It is nice as long as you work with a nicesetting powder. I suggest i-swatch mo muna sa Maybelline counter para macheck if it matchs your skin tone and if you're okay with it's powder finish.

  17. i have use this before, my skin is dry so i find it hard to glide and blend.

  18. A good moisturizer underneath could help. :)

  19. I will try the bb cream probably next week to see if it will match my skin. :)

  20. Hello there, I'm from Malaysia and this is my first time visit your blog. I never used it before, but based on what my sister tell me (she used this), this bb stick is over-coverage. and sometimes it can turn your face to over-powder and really white! :)

  21. nice review,.

  22. Totoo po bang nakakapimples tong Maybelline bb stick ?
    May mga nabasa po kasi akong comments sa youtube na nakakapimples to eh .
    2days ko pa lang po nagagamit yung aken kaso nagwoworry po ako baka nakakapimples to eh

  23. I guess it depends on the skin's reaction to every product. This didn't give me any skin problems at all. Up to now, I still use this and so far, I still love it. :)

  24. Thanks for your reply ate . gus2 ko po kasing gamitin to pag may psok na . since college na po aq sa psukan hindi na po enough yung powder lng dahil magbabyahe na po ako .
    Mganda po bang gamitin to with Johnsons compact powder ?

  25. Ate pwede po ba ipartner ang Johnsons face powder d2 ? Since I'm only 16yrs old worry pa po aq gumamit ng mga nichido powder .
    Ano po ba magandang ipartner dto sa maybelline bb stick na bagay lang sa age ko . help po ate :)

  26. Yes you may use baby powder. I still have that brand with me. Very reliable. :)

  27. I have only tried the loose powder. Yung white. :)

  28. Ok din po kaya ung naka compact na Johnsons face powder . mas madali din po kasi sya dalhin chka mdmi din po ako nabasa na hindi naman din sya nakakapimples . i really need your opinion ate sorry sa madaming kong question . :)

  29. Yes, I think so. Just don't put too much. Try to get the closest shade to your skin tone.

  30. Merry Kris Curan EgargueMay 24, 2014 at 10:14 PM

    how much?po??

  31. Hello Michelle. I just bought Clear Smooth Clear Stick too but in 02 Natural. Initially I wanted to get 01 Fresh but when compared among 01 and 02, 01 Fresh is more grey and dull. 02 Natural is more lighter and look more like skin colour. You should try 02 :D

  32. Thanks, Fiona! I will get the 02 next time. :)

  33. Hi ate mic :) kakabili ko lang po kanina ng Johnsons compact powder in beige . I think ok po sya and mas fit po sya sa mga small bag ko kesa sa baby powder na nasa matabang plastic container :) and may oil controlling power din sya haha .

  34. Good for you, dear. I hope the shade matches your skin tone as well. Anything that has good oil control properties, panalo sakin. :)

  35. Me too ate . bsta my oil control hindi talaga maalis mata ko doon hanggat hindi ko sya nabibili . but syempre kelan ko muna ng matinding research before ko bilhin and specially dapat fit sa budget . you really help me a lot ate thank you :*

  36. Happy to help you. You're welcome, dear. :)

  37. Thanks for the thorough review! I'm torn between Maybelline BB Stick and Snoe's Let it B wasabi BB cream. I hope you can also write a review about Snoe's product. Thanks!

  38. Thanks for dropping by, Sarah. I will try to get myself more Snoe products. :)

  39. Thank you for clarifying the part of whether it will give a white cast or not with flash photography. Thank god it isn't extremely noticeable. :)

  40. Is this good for light blemishes? What do you think? I have fair skin and suffered from on and off mild acne.. It has healed now but I have few very light blemishes and one small dark one.. Just wondering if this will help cover it up. I'm currently using San San HD Concealer the natural shade which I find too light and doesn't do the job of concealing them. I'm not a pro in doing make up.

  41. Hello! I have not tried the San San HD concealer but I heard it gives nice coverage. This Maybelling BB Stick gives light to medium coverage and is actually good in evening out skin tone but I would not suggest depending on this alone if you have dark spots and blemishes. I just find this hard to layer.

  42. I've been using it for 3 yrs.. And no breakouts at all :)) just don't forget to wash ur face at night and choose wisely when dealing with soap, some are irrelevant to our skin


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