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I know I've been lacking in doing reviews lately. I just find it really hard to test out products while I'm here in our current house. Everything seems chaotic here and the ambiance isn't really motivating for me. Like our stuff is scattered everywhere. Dogs running here and there and I can't seem to find a bit of privacy. But I need to do what I gotta do. :)

Since last year, the serum that I've been using is this Hayan Aesthetic Vitamins Serum. I have to say this now that this is one of my favorites with regards to skincare. What happened was I fell in love the moment I smelled it and the love grew when I started using it.

Product Description:
(Protecting and Refreshing)
Vitamins protect the skin from environmental impurities as it aids in the natural rejuvenation of the skin. This serum naturally supports skin cells and revitalizes skin that has lost its transparency giving it a naturally fresh and healthy glow.
Php700 | 40ml
Purchase at any branch listed below.

Branches nationwide:

  1. Hayan Starmall EDSA

  2. Hayan SM Sta Mesa

  3. Hayan SM Southmall

  4. Hayan SM Sta.Rosa

  5. Hayan SM San Lazaro

  6. Hayan SM San Pablo

  7. Hayan SM Rosario

  8. Hayan Victory Mall Caloocan

  9. Hayan Maunlad 2 Mall Bulacan

  10. Hayan Ortigas

  11. Hayan Angeles Nepo Mall

  12. Hayan Naga City

  13. Hayan Quezon Povince

  14. Hayan Caloocan

  15. Hayan SM Masinag

  16. Hayan Victory Mall Antipolo

  17. Hayan Starmall Alabang

  18. Hayan Angeles Jumdo Jenra Mall

  19. Hayan Dau Jumdo Jenra Mall

Instructions and Ingredients

I always appreciate a product or a brand whenever I find 'caution' information on the box or packaging. That goes to show that they are honest enough to admit that even if their products are tested, there are still chances that untoward effects may be observed so we still need to be careful.

Manufacturing and Expiry Dates:

Another major plus for me is when a product has an expiry date. It is important for me to know when will a product expires. Using expired products may cause irritations and we don't want that. But the shelf life should also be taken into consideration because it guides us on how long we can use the product after opening. See the one that says "12M"? That's the shelf life. For this one, it is 12 months after opening.

Packaging is somewhat similar to the other serum I've tried. This came in a bottle with a pipette or dropper used to dispense the product. This is hygienic and very easy to do. One thing though is that it is hard to reach the bottom part when only have few product left. I love using a product til it's very last drop and I think I'll have to disregard the pipette once the product reaches the bottom part of the bottle.

Consistency is quite thin and it does not feel heavy, sticky nor oily on the face. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and also, it has a fresh floral scent that does not bother me at all. It goes off once the serum is absorbed. Loving how it disappears on my face. I can use this day and night if I want to.

From what I've observed, this serum does not give an overnight result. Long term usage is advisable to see full effects. My skin is now more brighter and my mom would tell me thatm y skin is clearer now. Though I am using other products such as toners and moisturizers, I still wanna give this credit because I've been using this for more than 3 months now and I am loving my skin's current condition. Of course, it is not perfect but I don't get to experience pimples that much lately and my skin is not that dull anymore.

What I like:

  • Basic packaging with important details printed on it.

  • Has a pipette for hygiene purposes.

  • The serum is not sticky. It gets easily absorbed.

  • I like the scent.

  • Does a great job. I got complimented for having better skin months after I used this.

  • Still affordable at 700 pesos for a 40ml product that does it's job (might be pricey for some).

  • Will last for months.

What I don't like:

  • Pipette won't reach bottom part of the bottle. Checked it again last night and it actually touches the bottom part of the bottle but I find it hard to get the product till the very last drop using the pipette so I had to tap the head of the bottle on to my palm to dispense remaining product.

  • Bottle is very delicate to hold or carry around since it is in glass form.

  • You can only buy this at those branches stated.


  • Packaging: 4/5

  • Texture: 5/5

  • Scent: 4/5

  • Brightening effect: 4/5

  • Moisturizing effect: 3.5/5

  • Availability: 3.5/5

  • Affordability: 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 3.9/5

So far, I am still loving this Hayan Aesthetic Vitamins Serum and I'll definitely continue using it until I feel the need to use a new one. Just a little reminder, use a moisturizer after this especially if you have dry skin because though this moisturizes, I think it can't last a long time.

What's your favorite serum? I'd love to read your experience with it.

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Disclaimer: Product provided for review purposes. Review was done based on my personal experience with the product and is unbiased.


  1. Can this be an alternative for moisturizer? The only serum I've tried is the restorative serum from Celeteque and I'm also applying that all over my face and I like how it makes my skin hydrated.

  2. This serum's target is more on brightening and getting rid of skin's impurities. Secondary nalang siguro yung moisturizing so I think it is best to use this with a moisturizer. That's what I do kasi. :)


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