Bean Boozled Challenge!

Hello, everyone! I just want to share with you a quick post for today. Well, few weeks ago, I finally convinced my boyfriend to film a video with me.I originally wanted to put makeup on him but he won't allow me so we did this challenge instead. I am talking about the very famous Bean Boozled Challenge which I have seen from a lot of Youtubers already. I think we are really late with this challenge, but as they say, better late than never.

This is actually about tasting jellybeans in different flavors, weird and wild flavors. They have similar appearance and you have to compare which one is good and  which one is not. I bought this from Candy Store in SM Mall for 100 pesos but you can also purchase the one with roulette for I think more than 200 pesos. I opted to get the cheaper one because I won't be using the roulette anyways.

We decided to take 2 of each color. We have to taste one and see who is more lucky and who is not. I tasted 4 out of 20 bad tasting jellybeans while my boyfriend got 5 out of 10. Well, I guess I am luckier, haha!

Want to see how the challenge went? See the video below and ENJOY!

 I would love to see your take on this challenge as well. I hope you can try this and post your link below. Come on, it is not that bad.




  1. I hate jellybeans in weird flavors!! haha but good thing you got lucky and only tasted a few! :)

  2. Haha IKR! But I really wanted to taste everything basically for fun. :)

  3. ay super nacucurious talaga ako sa jellybeans box na yan, haha Matry ko rin minsan yan with my hubby :)

  4. What candy corner branch? I already asked several branches but its not available :(

  5. Any Candy Corner branch. I got mine in one of SM branches. But I think now madalas syang out of stock.


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