REVIEW | Royale Beauty L-Glutapower Soap (with Glutathione and Vitamin E)

Good day, loves! I haven't been doing much reviews about soaps basically because most of the time, I just use the ones that are familiar in the market. But ever since I became a fan of fair skin, I just can't help myself but try to look for those that can help me maintain my skin's current condition.

My skin isn't fair, as some of you may have seen in photos. But, to be honest, it has lightened a bit already and all I am doing right now is maintaining it. I get easily dark when exposed to too much sunlight so a good soap that will help me at least retain the fairness that I have is a must and ever since I encountered this soap, I never had problems of being too dark anymore.

I am talking about this Royale Beauty L-Glutapower Soap that has glutathione and vitamin E. This was first introduced to me by my mom but I never believed that it actually works until my sister used this. I saw significant changes in the way her skin looked.

Product Information:
Removes dark spots, reduces and gets rid of freckles, age spots, pimple marks. It also whitens, revives and nourishes to make your skin look supple, radiant and flawless.
Price: Php 198.00
130g (Source)

Ingredients, Directions, Manufacturing and Expiry dates:

Again, I am going to tell you that when a product contains all necessary information placed on it's packaging, I am very happy with that.

After removing the plastic case, the soap is still protected by a plastic with the product name on it.

After removing the plastic, you will see a plain white soap with no brand name engraved on it unlike other soaps I have tried.

Another thing I love about this soap is you can actually transform its packaging into a soap holder because inlike paper boxes, this won't melt or get broken when it comes in contact with water.

What I like:

  • Lathers very well.

  • Manages to maintain the current color of my skin.

  • Helped in lightening some spots like underarms, elbows and knees.

  • No irritations felt even if I use it everyday.

  • Did not make my skin dry or flaky.

  • Does not melt easily.

  • Available locally.

What I don't like:

  • At first, the scent is somewhat faint floral but it goes off leaving the soap no scent at all. I personally prefer mildly scented soaps. (To some, this is a good thing especially to those who likes unscented ones or those that has really light scent to it so it is a case to case situation.)

  • A bit expensive for a soap.

  • Available through Royale Beauty distributors and in Watsons only.


  • Packaging: 4.5/5

  • Scent: 3.5/5

  • Effectiveness: 4.5/5

  • Availability: 3.5/5

  • Affordability: 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 3.9/5

This soap is now included in my bath essentials. Whenever I feel like my skin is getting darker than it's usual, I would grab for this soap and let it do its wonders. My mom discovered this first but she stopped using it. Now that she has seen positive effects on me, she started using this again and she even asked if I can purchase backups for future use. I am happy to say that my relationship with this soap is, by far, the best compared to the other soaps I have tried.

You may purchase Royale Beauty products here:



Disclaimer: Product was sent for review purposes. I was not paid to do this post.


  1. yay this sounds promising. i just have to find a cebu seller. thanks for the review. i really need a whitening product right now

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  2. You can still order from the seller I posted. She ships items anywhere in the Philippines. :)

  3. It sounds really good I wish I could try it!

  4. I am using this for about 2 weeks. Pimples started to pop up on my skin. Is this normal? Am planning to stop using the soap because of fear that it would damage my face.

  5. Hi. I didn't use this on my face so I cannot tell you much if this causes breakouts. I have seen other bloggers use the Kojic variety on their face and it improved it. I think Kojic helps in drying the pimples.

  6. I was using this soap for about 2days, but there is problem upon using i feel itchiness and irritation of the soap i.stop, after.that big pimples pop up into my face. Bka d ako hiyang

  7. I think you should stop using this soap first. Baka nga di ka hiyang. Try using the soap nalang muna sa body. If your skin get irritated again, stop mo na and try using a milder soap just like the ones used for the babies. Baka naiirritate ka sa whitening properties. :(

  8. I used this soap po na nabili ko din sa watsons. Ginamit ko sya and after 3 days po, nung gabi na naghilamos ako ng buong katawan ko, ginamit ko tong product na to. Nung matuyo na sya napansin ko na may mga tumubong butlig butlig sa braso ko :( Pero sa legs, face and the rest of my body parts, wala naman. Kaya na bothered ako, nagpahid ako kaagad ng lotion. Tapos, maya-maya lang nawawala na sya. Hindi ko alam kung bakit eh, kasi kumain din ako ng chocolates nang gabing iyon but wala naman po akong allergy sa chocolates. Tapos nung umaga, tinried ko ulit syang gamitin, pero wala naman nang tumubo. Is it sa paggamit ko lang ba ng soap. Kasi naghihilamos ako ng raoyale gluta 3 times a day. Baka nasobrahan? And tanong ko lang kung ano mas magandang gamitin sa mukha na maraming pimples/marks, royale kojic or gluta. Thanks :)

  9. Try to lessen it and observe kung anong changes na mangyayari. Depende rin kasi sa magiging reaction ng skin mo. I would suggest na if it gets worse, consult a derma nalang kasi we are not expert naman sa skin. It is still a case to case basis matter. :)

    I use different soaps sa face ko, and almost everything worked for me. If you have pimples, try the kojic as I have heard it helps dry the pimples quickly.

  10. Uhmm.. Thanks dear :) Ginagamit ko na lang sya twice a day and na observed ko na Okay naman at may pagbabago. Wala ng rashes na tumubo pero super hapdi lang talaga. Nagkakaroon ako ng konting mga sugat dahil siguro sa peeling effect. Anyways, thankyou for sharing your XP sa paggamit ng royale gluta :) Salamat din sa response :*

  11. Anne Charlotte Gonzales TaehyuApril 1, 2015 at 5:59 AM

    bello po, ako si anne,binilhan ako ni papa ng l-gluta power then try ko po,tapos nung ginamit ko siya sa bio kung katawan ung fae ko po mahapdi tas after 3 days mapula tapos nagbabalat sya..natakot po talaga ako,nakakabuti pp ba iyun? 13 lang po kasi ako eh,natatakot ako na baka masira lang ung skin ko,itutuloy ko papo ba ang pag gamit nito? pls answer po..thanks

  12. Stop mo muna. I think you are too young for whitening products. Delicate pa ang skin mo. Consult a derma nalang din para mabigay sayo yung tamang products.

  13. LorRaiine Grace TormonMay 12, 2015 at 11:11 PM

    Hi po . ako po si Lorraine . im using this soap for 3days na . ask ko lang po if meron ka pong gnagmit na products tulad ng lotion or gluta capsules ? Kasi po i have an uneven skintone . ano po ung ggwin ko ?

  14. While using this, wala akong ibang ginamit. Pero now, my Belo Tranexamic lotion worked for me.

  15. Okay lang po ba na parehas gamitin yung kojic and gluta? Kasi ang ginagawa ko is kojic muna kasi for peeling then patatagalin ko sya ng mga 3-5 mins then rinse tapos intay ako ng 1 min then gluta naman? Magiging effective ba yun. Im doing the process for about 1 week na, may changes kaso papalit palit ako ng lotion, una belo tranexamic then ngayon myra e hand and body lotion. Pwede po ba yun? Im a guy pala. 18 years old.

  16. In my opinion, that will be a bit too harsh for your skin since both are drying. But as you have mentioned, gumagamit ka ng lotion. Make sure na moisturizing talaga para makatulong sa skin mo. Pero if I were you, isa-isa lang muna para di masyadong stressed ang skin. Or better yet, consult a derma para macheck skin condition mo kung kaya pagsabayin ang 2 soaps.

  17. 16 valid na po bang gumamit?

  18. You still have delicate skin. I would suggest consulting a derma.

  19. meron din rashes sa akin

  20. hello. im 20 years old. i tried this product for about 4 days.. when i use it mahapdi at meron ding mga parang maliliit na tumutubo sa face ko pero sa body wala naman..tapos this day hindi mawala yung hapdi na nafeel ko after using this product..should i stop using this?

  21. Yes, stop mo nalang. Consult with your derma para ma-address yung concern mo. I only used this for my body and I did not experience yung may hapdi or rashes. Mas sensitive kasi ang skin natin sa face so baka hindi okay itong soap sayo.

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