Found New Shirts for my Boyfriend

Hello, lovely friends! How's your day? I am feeling so pumped I feel like doing a quick post for everyone.

If you have watched my previous life vlog, you will know that I bought a new sneakers for my boyfriend. It is my very late birthday gift for him. I went with him because I usually would like to have a say on the things that he is getting especially when it comes to fashion. My boyfriend isn't the type who will give time to just to try to figure out the best complete outfit. But, I think he needs a new shirt too so I tried checking online for some good pieces. I checked Zalora Philippines and here are my top 3 choices.

Varsity Tee by 24:01 | Php 599

My boyfriend is not a varsity. He is not sporty as well. But, what I liked about this shirt, aside from the color, is the print. He is THE BEST for me. The best in everything (insert cheesy lines here, haha).

Pilipinas with Flag On SLeeve Tee by | Php 349

I love simple looking shirts on my man. Well, I have a very simple yet very smart guy. His very nice personality and witty attitude will make any simple outfit the best outfit. And of course, we should all be proud of our own country, right?

Boom Panes with Drawing T-Shirt by ABS-CBN Store | Php 250

This one is a last-minute addition to this set. When I saw the print, I realized that this is reminds me so much of the humor of my boyfriend. Very mapang-asar yet very funny. I know some of you will not like this but a little humor won't hurt.

So those are my top picks. I am still thinking on what to get for him. Will you help me decide? You can also choose a different one (something that is not posted here) if you like. To check out their collection of plain and graphic T-shirts for men, click here.

So that's it for my quick post and I am hoping you will be able to help me. Thanks!