FOOD CORNER | Brazo de Mercedes Cupcakes (Not my recipe)

I want to make this blog even more personal so I am going to share with you some of the stuff I baked. I don't have my own recipes yet so I want you guys to be aware that I don't want to be credited for the recipe. It is not mine, as stated on the title and even on the description box of the video I posted. I just want to share with you for you guys to know that the recipe the author posted is really doable and it actually tasted good.

So here is the link to the recipe I used:

You may watch the video I created. It just a video showing a glimpse of the steps I did.

Instead of white sugar, I used brown. That's what we have so I decided I will use it instead.

My piping skills need to be improved. It looks odd, as you can see. I just hope you don't have dirty minds (kidding!).

This is the step where I really failed. My custard filling became lumpy because I used high heat. I had to strain this to remove the formed custard. I am just glad it tasted really good!

This is the almost finished product. I just added a sprinkle of confectioner's sugar on top then I am done. I prefer baking Brazo de Mercedes cupcakes than rolls. I find this easier because with rolls. you have to make sure the meringue will not stick to the baking sheet and be able to roll effortlessly. That never happened. Min always sticks. But this, after baking, you just have to let it cool and pipe the filling then viola! Done!

So that's my very first take on Braze de Mercedes cupcakes which is actually my gift to my sister for her birthday. She liked them and ate a lot! Haha!

See you on my next baking adventure!




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