REVIEW | Beautylabo Hair Color in Honey Blonde

Before 2014 ended, I decided to color my hair again. New look for the new year. That's what I wanted! I guess it became a yearly thing for me. No superstitions or anything. I just want to look good. That's all!

I will be sharing with you my thoughts about the Beautylabo Hair Color and the shade I chose is HY9 Honey Blonde. I was blown away by the striking blonde color that appears on the box but since my hair is not extremely light, I doubted it will make my hair lighter in color. I got this from Watsons for Php 239.

Update: When I bought this, I only saw two shades. Then I searched online and saw that this comes in other shades too. I am just not 100% sure if these are all available here in the Philippines also, I have yet to find out if there are other colors available. Here are the shades:

Honey Blonde - the one I used
Natural Blonde
Creamy Ash
Candy Apricot 
Raspberry Pink - the next one I will try
Dark Brown 
Pure Beige

Watch the vlog where you can see how this transformed my hair.

I think my previous hair color would fall under the "light" category. As you can see, the outcome is on the brown side but a bit lighter and I love it! But still, I doubted it.

This is what the kit contains inside: cream colorant, cream developer, nozzle, pair of gloves and instruction leaflet.

I am guilty, I did not do the skin allergy test but I would urge you to do that every time you are trying out a new hair color product.

How to use (my own steps because I forgot the ones written on the box):

  1. Mix colorant to developer.

  2. Shake cautiously.

  3. Remove cap and put on nozzle.

  4. Apply on to hair while wearing protective gloves.

  5. Avoid touching scalp to prevent irritations.

  6. Leave for 30-40 minutes then rinse well.

I got afraid that this might not be able to color the part of the hair near the roots. But, as you can see from the photo above, it was able to penetrate the dark color of my roots and turn it into slightly blonde color. Although the color is not even (roots are still darker), I still like that it was able to lighten the roots. It was not able to give color to my gray hairs but I like that it became less noticeable and blended well with my new hair color.

After coloring, I saw a nice transformation for my hair. I really love how the color turned out. It is more brown to me than blonde. Though it did not come out blonde, I am still in love with the color because it made my skin look more radiant. I feel extra prettier with this hair color and my boyfriend agreed.

What I like:

  • Affordable.

  • Easy to use because of its nozzle.

  • Transforms hair color very quickly.

  • Did not dry my hair.

  • Available locally.

  • Update: comes in different shades.


  • Has a slight unpleasant smell to it but I managed to not get bothered by it.

What I don’t like:

  • A bit runny so it did touch my scalp.

  • Got a bit itchy when this touched my scalp.

  • I think they have limited shade selection. Not all shades are available in Watsons.


  • Packaging: 5/5

  • Texture: 4/5

  • Scent: 3.5/5

  • Effectiveness: 3.5/5

  • Availability: 3.5/5

  • Affordability: 4/5

Overall Rating: 3.9/5

The result to my hair is pretty amazing! I love it! But, it was written on the box (which I wasn't able to show to you) that the color will be even but it was not able to give me that. Also, there's a slight sting felt but it went away after few minutes (I have sensitive scalp).

Overall, I am in love with the color but I would have wanted a more even finish. Given that this is a blonde shade, I expected my hair to be dry and brittle after the procedure but that's not the case. My hair is still healthy and no dry parts. I am definitely going to repurchase!



Disclaimer: All reviews here are based on my honest and unbiased opinions.


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