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Hello my loves! This is going to be my second post for this year and I am praying that I will be able to maximize this year and post more here on my blog. I know this is not a product review and I actually miss doing one but I just need to get organized with my stuff first and de-clutter things before I go ahead and make one.

For today's blog post, I will be sharing with you the swatches of the not so new Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks. I am not sure if these are all the shades available but I only have 5 and I don't think I'll be needing more, to be honest. I have a nude shade, pinks and reds. Plus, I have sheer, matte and satin. No need to ask for more. Watch the video below to see how these fares when applied.

Each lipstick costs Php 330 each and you may get these through Tupperware sellers or through their branches.

Here are the swatches of the lipsticks on my arm. It is arranged just the way I arranged them on the first photo. My personal favorites are Cerise and Red Wine.

Pinkish Nude (sheer) - The most moisturizing from this line. I like using this for a quick errand outside. It is not long wearing but it is definitely moisturizing and adds a nice color without overdoing it.

Kissmark (matte) - I was in love with this before but realized that the color is not really for me. It's barbie pink color just don't match with my look/skintone. But if I will use this sparingly, I think I can get away with it's color. This can be a bit drying but a lip balm underneath helps.

Cerise (satin) - A personal favorite! I love the coral-pink combination and I prefer using this the past few days. It is moisturizing too and can be worn alone or with full makeup on. It never made me feel as if I have too much for a lip makeup.

Red Wine (satin) - This is also a favorite of mine. The brownish-red color doesn't make my lips too big. A perfect red shade for my big lips.

Regal Red (satin) - To be honest, I have never really worn this whenever I go out. I just have this extreme love for Red Wine that I don't want to use other reds anymore. But of course, that stage will end. And if that happens, I will use this blue-toned red for that quick pick me up color.

The first photo is me without any lip product on. Then, the Colour Collection Vitamin E lipsticks (same arrangement as above). What do you think looks best on me?

That's it. I hope you find this post helpful and comment if you would want me to do more of this or if you have any suggestions or requests!

This may be late but, HAPPY NEW YEAR!



  1. Super favorite ko yung Kissmark :) I love Regal Red on you! :)

  2. Really? Hindi ko masyadong ginagamit yung Regal Red. Will use it again. Thanks! :)


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