HAUL | January 2015 (Part 1)

This haul is long overdue. I had the photos ready really early but something came up and took my time away. So here it is. I also filmed a haul video. You may watch it instead.


I am more comfortable wearing shorts but I can't wear those too short shorts. Good thing Pazzo has few pieces that fits me perfectly.

Brand: Pazzo Jeans
Php 779.75 (less 10%)

Brand: Pazzo Jeans
Php 849.75 (less 10%)

I rarely shop for tops because I want to shed some pounds first. But sometimes, I find them difficult to resist.

Brand: Apple & Eve
Php 1099.75

Brand: Apple & Eve
Php 1299.75

Brand: Girbaud
Php 900 (on sale)

My wallet retired already and I decided to buy from my trusted wallet brand. I can fit in few bills and coins plus it also has 6 card compartments. I also love the black and gold combination.

Human Heart Nature Nourishing Facial Wash 50ml
Php 69.75

Human Heart Nature Nourishing Face Toner 100ml
Php 99.75

I got these for my sister because she told me she needs some skin care products for her face. This brand is her trusted brand but it is going to be her first time trying these two so I am excited to know if it works for her.

Human Heart Nature Natural Feminine Wash 200ml
(Chamomile Cool)
Php 154.75

Human Heart Nature Natural Feminine Wash 200ml
(Chamomile Fresh)
Php 149.75

I can't find my favorite feminine wash here near my place so I opted for my favorite way back. I purchased two because I will be giving the pink one to my sister.

Mestiza The Healthy Skin Soap
Php 53

I have seen from other beauty bloggers. They love it so I decided I will try it out.

Careline Oil Control Blush-on (Rosy Cheek)
Php 90

Ever Bilena Matte Eyeshadow Trios (Tango)
Php 125

Ever Bilena Advance BB Cream (whitening) 50ml
Php 220

The brand that I wanted to get that time is Sassy Colors (not sure if that is the exact brand name). I saw Yette's haul and I wanted to try out the blushers but I can't find it so I ended up getting these babies. I have swatched the blusher from Careline and it is really pigmented. I bought the eyeshadow trio mainly because of the brown shades. I think it is very similar to the transition color being used before by Teena of AngKikayKo in Youtube. Of course, a face makeup will complete the set. I love bb creams and foundations so when I swatched this, I know I can't let the day pass without me getting it. The scent is not so appealing but I know I can very much deal with it.

So that's it for my January haul - Part one. I know this is very late  but please, stay tuned for the part two. I will try to finish it as soon as I can. Thank you for reading this and until my next one.



  1. The cooling feminine wash is really refreshing, and the wallet looks nice! I've stopped by Girbaud many times to check out their bags, but I haven't made a purchase yet. :)


  2. I normally just buy from Girbaud if they are on sale. Hehe! :)


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