iprice | Your One Stop Shopping Destination

Good day, loves! Online shopping is becoming more and more popular and convenient nowadays. To be honest, I love doing it than going to the malls because I get tired quickly. But sometimes, I find myself spending hours in front of my laptop, trying to browse different shopping sites for different items I intend to buy. Now I know a better way to cut the online shopping time!

What I am talking about is iprice.ph. It is a website that compiles products from different trusted shopping sites in Asia into one platform - iprice. As what their slogan says, “Your One Stop Shopping Destination”. Now, browsing for items you wish to buy is way easier.

This is how iprice.ph looks like. They have a wide range of products selection – from fashion to gadgets to appliances used at home. You can also do a quick search to be able to navigate easily either by product type or brand.

You can also browse by brand names which are arranged alphabetically. I find this really helpful especially if you already know what item to buy but don’t know where to purchase it. They have a LOT of brands listed so you are most likely to see the brand that you are looking for.

This is the exciting part! Oh how I love coupons! Who doesn’t? Discounts are my best friends when shopping. Earning money is never easy so whenever I have the chance to save, I grab it! iprice has this coupons section from different featured stores. Some of the stores featured are the stored where I normally shop like Zalora and Lazada so I think this section is my favorite and will be very useful.

Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without anything about cosmetics. You know how much of a makeup lover I am. When I typed “cosmetics” on the search box on top of the page, here’s what I saw. I am happy to see familiar brands.

So that is it about my quick post about iprice. I hope you will find online shopping more convenient and enjoyable like I did. Happy shopping, my lovely ladies!