Updated Eyebrow Routine (Grooming and Defining)

Good day! I have received a good amount of compliments regarding my defined eyebrows. They say it looks good on me. Thanks to all the beauty gurus I usually watch on YouTube that helped me learn how to groom and define my eyebrows.

Here's what my eyebrows usually look. Well, if I have the time to groom and define it. There are times they look very different and as if I don't know how to do it. You will always have that day when you seem like you can't really fill your brows properly. Or is it just me?

Here's a photo of me with unruly eyebrows. Awful. I know. Good thing I can always do something about it.

The video below shows how I normally groom my eyebrows. It is pretty basic and simple. It is what I have been doing (most of the time) and I find it very easy. But if I have to rush, I just pluck or shave the unwanted hairs and start filling in my brows.

Do you also do this? I trace my desired eyebrow shape before plucking or shaving then brush it afterwards.

Here is a before and after photo. As I have mentioned, I just remove the unwanted hairs. But there are times I unintentionally leave some, hahaha!

Watch the video below to see my updated eyebrow routine.

My routine normally changes a bit depending on the products I have at home and the time I have to prepare but most definitely, this is my favorite routine to follow.

So here is the final look of my eyebrows. They may not be perfect but I am happy. I struggled before but I was able to learn so I know it is possible to happen to you too. Just practice and never get tired of learning new things and new products.

That is it for my updated eyebrow grooming and defining routine. I hope I was able to help those girls who struggled like me. Do let me know.



  1. Geezz! I really don't know how to perfect this eyebrow thing. Well thanked got I have a good eyebrow where in I just trim the lower portion para nakaform na siya haha but yours we're amazing!


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