REVIEW | Belo SunExpert Sunscreen

The weather now here in the Philippines is just unforgiving. It is just too hot to the point that a person like me who does not like applying sun protection decided to religiously use one daily. I want to make sure my skin is safe from the harmful effects of exposure to sun.

When I saw this range of Belo SunExpert Sunscreen in Sample Room, during the time when we were planning our swimming with my relatives, I told myself it is the perfect moment to try these out.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Belo SunExpert Transparent Mist SPF50 100ml | Php 499.75[/caption]

The first one I was so excited to try out is this Belo SunExpert Transparent Mist SPF50 because it is my first time to try sunscreen in a form of mist. Just the thought of it not being in the form of lotion makes me feel that it will not feel sticky or heavy.

It feels very light on the skin, not sticky at all. But it feels as if you have applied a light body oil that goes off after some time. It smells really good too. Among the three, this is the only one that has scent in it.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF40 UVA Protection PA+++ 50ml | Php 329.75[/caption]

Here's one for the face which happens to be my favorite among the three. Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF40 is something I never thought I would try just because I hate the feel of sunscreen on my face but this is different.

It feels really light and the consistency is milky but thin. It gets absorbed easily and it does not feel greasy or sticky. What I also love about this is it feels a bit moisturizing so I don't have to worry if ever I forget to apply my usual moisturizer. I did not see any dry patches.

I normally use the Face Cover under my everyday makeup and I am happy to say that it does not leave white cast. The photo above was taken with flash.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Belo SunExpert Body Shield SPF60 UVA Protection PA +++ 100ml | Php 459.75[/caption]

For everyday sun protection for the body, I use Belo SunExpert Body Shield SPF60. I prefer this than the mist one because this feels more lightweight and disappears completely as if I did not apply anything. It also has higher SPF that I really need. I usually drive my sister to school and my arms are the most exposed parts to the sun and with this body shield, the pain from the sun's heat is not intense.

The consistency is also milky but a tad but thicker than the face cover. Don't get intimidated because, as I have mentioned, it feels lightweight and gets absorbed easily by the skin. Together with the Face Cover, this does not have any scent at all which I actually like.

During the last family get together I went to, where I got the chance to swim from 9 o'clock in the morning up to 2 o'clock in the afternoon with my sister, these products were put to test. Before leaving the house, I used the Transparent Mist. Then before swimming, I used the Face Cover and Body Shield. I enjoyed too much that I forgot to re-apply sunscreen. My sister also used these products but she did re-apply, I think about three times. Though it is not as painful as a normal sun burn (without sunblock) would feel, my skin got darker than usual. My nose, forehead and arms got all tanned. My sister, on the other hand, didn't experience skin darkening or sun burns. That's when I realized that these products are really effective but, like any other sunscreen, re-application is a must.

What I like:

  • Travel-friendly packaging

  • Ingredients and expiry dates provided on the packaging

  • Non-sticky and non-greasy consistency

  • Moisturizing (face cover and body shield)

  • Nice scent (mist). Unscented (face cover and body shield)

  • Non-comedogenic

  • Paraben-free

  • No irritations felt (used for nearly a month)

  • Available at any leading supermarkets, department stores and drugstores nationwide.

What I don’t like:

  • I find them a bit expensive especially for someone like me on a tight budget.


  • Packaging: 5/5

  • Scent: 5/5

  • Texture: 4/5

  • Effectiveness: 4/5

  • Availability: 4/5

  • Affordability: 3/5

Overall rating: 4/5

I am just glad to have tried this line because it made me realize that I really do need to include sun protection in my skincare regimen and that not all sunscreen are sticky and heavy on the skin. I know I will be using these products still. I have other sunscreen products to try out so repurchasing anytime soon is not a priority but I am definitely recommending these if you are looking for effective sun protection.

Have you already tried these products? What are your thoughts about them?

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