No Eyelash Fallouts with Waterproof Mascaras #MUSTCARA

Good day, everyone. I have been very busy the past days that I was not able to do much blog posts. Finally, free time for me! It is going to be another busy moment for me and my laptop. This won’t be a long post though. I will just share with you something I discovered over the week.

I have read before that waterproof mascaras make lashes fallout. I had to find out for myself because I love using them. I have been using different waterproof mascaras for the past months because the hot weather melts non-waterproof ones easily and I hate looking like a panda. It ruins the whole look. Also, I introduced mascara to my sister who is now starting to discover makeup. I don’t want to mess up her really long lashes.

To see with my own eyes, I wore mascara almost every day this week. I even slept for, I think, two nights without removing my mascara. The one I used is the Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara. The left photo shows my lashes with mascara on the first day of this sort-of experiment and the after photo is the one on the right. I actually think that the volume and length of my lashes are still the same even after the experiment. My curler is acting up that’s why the photo on the right looks a bit awkward but nonetheless, I still feel my lashes are in good shape.

My lashes didn’t feel brittle at all. No fallouts were seen too. Maybe it is because I have learned to do some things that will prevent lash fallout.

  • Don’t pull your lashes if you still have mascara on or don’t try to remove mascara by pulling it away from your lashes.

  • Use oil-based remover to remove waterproof mascaras then proceed with washing the face.

  • Always get your mascara from a trusted brand. My current go-to brand for a mascara is Maybelline. The Hypercurl Volum’ Express Mascara is now part of my everyday makeup routine. #mustcara

  • Some says you can still curl lashes even after mascara application but I tend to avoid that because lashes will have the tendency to stick to the curler and can get damaged.

Those are the things I do to maintain the length and condition of my lashes. I hope you learned something from this post. Let me know if you have other measures to help maintain lash length and volume.

Update: Starting July 1, Hypercurl Volum' Express gets even more affordable!



  1. Most of the lashes that come off, in my experience, are from trying to take the mascara off at the end of the day. When the cotton pad isn't saturated with enough remover, that's when it happens. :( I also don't re-curl after applying mascara, since most of the formula comes off the lashes and ends up dirtying the curler.

  2. I experience the same thing when I try removing mascara with just soap and water. Oil-based makeup remover is my best friend with waterproof mascaras.


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