Practice Perfect Smize #MUSTCARA

In most of my photos, you will see me trying to smile with my mouth closed or not showing any teeth. I am not that confident showing them off so what I do is I try to smile or express with my eyes. Although I still need to practice to achieve that perfect smize, I managed to do some ways to enhance my peepers.

I want you to see first how I look with bare eyelids. I have applied everything (foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrow products, contour, highlight, blush and a hint of lip tint) but did not apply anything on my lids and lashes for you to see the difference.

I tried. I tried smiling with my eyes but something is actually missing. It needs that extra oomph.

I have filmed a video where I did a very quick eye makeup (2 eyeshadow colors – bronze and shimmery pink, thin eyeliner without wing and heaps of volumizing mascara like the Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express). Watch the video below.

Now that you have seen simple ways to enhance the eyes, let me show you some of my attempts to that perfect smize. I still need to practice but I can definitely see an improvement with my photos.

Here are some tips that you can practice.

  • Be calm. You wouldn’t want wrinkles to get noticed.

  • Keep focused. There will always be that one subject that you would like to look at and smize. Imagine your cute boyfriend. Haha!

  • Position your chin. It is either you tilt it upwards or downwards. Know your best angle.

  • Try smiling with your lips closed or slightly parted.

  • SMIZE!

Those are the things that helped me achieved this look. I hope you were able to learn a thing or two.

If there’s one thing I will not skip among the eye makeups I used, it would me mascara. I believe it gave the most impact! #MUSTCARA

There you have it, some basic tips I can share to help you communicate with your eyes. Keep practicing and in no time, you will be able to show and capture a perfect smize!