Fashionably Healthy (Exercise and Outfit Ideas)

Ever since I started just staying at home, I gained so much weight and felt really bad about how I look and also became concerned about how my health is going if ever I continue this lifestyle. Being an active Facebook user, I saw this page, liked it and I see to it that I get updates from it. I am talking about Health Digest.  They also have a website and one of my favorite post is the “Exercise Tips for Healthy Living” because it is what I need right now.

I recently got back to working out and I don’t have much workout stuff. I saw some cool pieces and I want to share them with you.

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Vans Realm Backpack Php 1898

Instead of a gym bag, I chose a backpack because it is more versatile. Vans is a brand that my sister and I love so this one is something I know we both can use. She will freak out if ever I buy this! Hahaha!

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Mango Medium Impact Bra Php 1750 (Sale price: Php 1050)

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Mango Slimming Effect Leggings Php 1950 (Sale price: Php 1170)

I am very particular with the outfits I wear in the gym. They should not be just fashionable but comfortable as well. I also like seeing my curves while I workout. It boosts my will to burn more calories.

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Instacool "The Original Sports Cooling Towel" Php 399

Of course, you want to keep your cool when your workout became too strenuous. I saw this and I think the idea of a “cooling towel” is really nice. I chose pink, of course.

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Nike Women’s Zoom Fit Agility Training Shoes Php 6295 (Sale price: Php 4091.80)

My last pick, but definitely my favorite, is this pair of training shoes from Nike. The color caught my eye and since I badly need a new pair, I am considering of getting this.

Nike, if not the best, is one of the best and trusted brands when it comes to sports apparel. I have known this brand since I was a kid and since then, it never came a time that I didn’t see this in any sports apparel shop. Their designs for Nike for women are really fashionable which I really like. Shop for Nike women through Zalora Philippines. Other products mentioned are also available there.

Maybe you are wondering why I am sharing these to you. Aside from the support I am getting from my family and boyfriend, I am also motivated by these. I don’t know about you but tips from different trusted websites and cute pieces for working out means something to me.

I hope you find this helpful and let's all be fashionably healthy.