REVIEW | Rucy's Vanity Gleamy Lipstick in Hot Pink

A rainy morning today and I decided I will post a review here on my blog. If you've been following me for the longest time now, you would realize that I am more into face makeup like foundations and bb creams. I tend to just stick to the basics when it comes to lipsticks just because I am not confident wearing them. I also have the tendency to remove it and not do touch-ups.

For today's review, I want to share my thoughts about the Rucy's Vanity Gleamy Lipstick in Hot Pink. I decided to  go with a bright and bold color because it is about time I go out of my comfort zone. I owned something similar to the color of this before but it expired on me without me maximizing it's purpose. My bad.

Watch my first impression review here:

Product description (source: 

Gives a moisturizing effect that will keep your lips feeling and looking healthy while give a hint of color.

  • Vibrant colour & intense shine.

  • Protection from UV rays with Anti-wrinkle effect.

  • Made in Korea

The color on the bullet seems as if it has some red spots. Upon opening, I adored the color already and made me think about my childhood. Barbie lover here!

I am happy to tell you that ingredients (photo above), manufacturing date and shelf life (photo below) are written on the box. You may want to keep it because you won't find it on the lipstick packaging itself. Not a big deal though because most lip products are like that.

I swatched it at the back of my hand and I am impressed with the color payoff. One swipe gave me enough color but can get a bit uneven so a good two swipes will give better opacity. I am not yet good in describing makeup finishes and undertones but this one seems like it has a satin finish and a blue undertone.

I am no Barbie but somehow, I was able to pull-off the color. Confidence is the key! It was love at first use and been using it a couple of times already. Another sign that it looks okay on me if my boyfriend won't ask me to remove it and I am happy he didn't.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]
Left - After more than 2 hours
Right - After 6 hours

Based on the photo above, you can definitely tell that the lipstick fades quickly. After 2 hours of wearing (with eating), it started fading but I am loving the pink stain. After 6 hours, you can tell that I don't have lipstick anymore but my lips are looking healthy from afar. It looks as if it has a natural pinkish color. The case is different when you look at it up close.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]
Upon application.

The color settles on the lines and dry parts of the lips. Exfoliating is highly advised.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="624"]
Above - After more than 2 hours
Below - After 6 hours

With a closer look, after 2 hours, my lips are still looking pretty decent except that dry areas are more accentuated. After 6 hours, you can only see color on the dry parts and it looks really uneven.

I removed the swatch on my hand and washed it a couple of times but the stain is still there.

What I like:

  • Complete details on the packaging (box).

  • The pink box screams femininity.

  • Packaging isn't flimsy.

  • Unscented.

  • Glides easily.

  • Nice color payoff.

  • Stains the lips.

  • Longevity: a good 3-5 hours depending on food consumption.

  • A bit moisturizing.

  • Affordable at Php150.

  • Available locally through their website and office.

What I don't like: 

  • Poor shade selection (5 shades only).

  • The lipstick itself gets removed easily (good thing it stains).

  • Although it glides easily, it has some red on the bullet which, I think, gives a different texture to the lipstick.

  • Not available in malls and drugstores.


  • Packaging: 4/5

  • Texture: 4/5

  • Scent: 5/5

  • Pigmentation: 4/5

  • Lasting power: 3.5/5

  • Availability: 3.5/5

  • Affordability: 5/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

For me, this product is a must-try since it is very affordable and the shade I got is pigmented. I am a fan of tinted/stained lips so fading isn't so much of a big deal for me as long as my lips will still look presentable. I urge you to exfoliate before using this shade.

I cannot vouch for the other shades because I haven't tried them but Hot Pink definitely passed my expectation. If I were to get one again, I will try Dark Red or Cute Pink.

You may check Rucy's Vanity on the following:



Disclaimer: Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions are based on my experience with the products.


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