Health Practices of My Family

Hello everyone! I am back for a quick post because I want to share with you the health practices that my family lives by. These are some ways we try to do as much as possible to stay healthy and perform at our best everyday.

Here are some practices we normally do:

  1. We like to have fun by going out of town and explore different places. The activities we do together and the laughter we share bring us closer to each other. Happiness is one of the most important things to having a healthy life.

  2. We are often on the go. To some, they do their work 8am-5pm and the rest is devoted to sleep and relaxation but not for us. So when we have time, we see to it that we give ourselves a break and sleep.

  3. If possible, we would eat at home where our mom usually prepares the food. At home, you can control the amount of salt and sugar that goes in your food and it is freshly prepared. Of course, we still eat out but we want to avoid it as much as possible.

  4. We do juicing. I personally prepare the juice for the family using fresh and, again, if possible, organic fruits and vegetables. Instead of drinking soda or canned fruit juices, cold-pressed juice is still our best bet.

  5. Drinking lots of water. My mom is the one who keeps reminding us the goodness water intake brings.

  6. I am guilty of not working out for the past months so now I am back on track. Slowly, I am getting the hang of it. Sometimes, my mom and sister would join me while my dad's workout is when he plays golf. My brother and sister in law do biking when they have time.

  7. We also take supplements to maximize our daily potential and to keep our bodies healthy. We have Vitamin C, Collagen and Vitamin E at the moment. As a beauty blogger, it is a must to take care of our skin and I am happy my mom introduced me Myra e. She has nice skin that people would always tell her that she is still looking really young for her age. Now, I am taking it religiously.

So those are just some of the health practices we currently do as a family. I must say, every family member is still in good shape.

What does your family do to stay healthy?